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What Types Of Parents Are More Likely To Physically Abuse Their Children?

Stith’s (2009) Meta-Analysis : A study carried out by Stith et al. (2009) reviewed 155 other studies (this is called a meta-analysis) that had already been carried out in order to identify factors that put the child at risk of… Read more

Effects Of Repressed Anger Towards Parents

What Are The Effects Of Repressed Anger Towards Parents? If our parent/s caused us significant psychological suffering when we were growing up, we may have built up a great deal of anger towards them, but we may, too, have repressed… Read more

Childhood Trauma : Dealing with Moodiness and Anger

  Those of us who have suffered significant childhood trauma often find, in both adolescence and adulthood, that we are full of rage and have great difficulties controlling our feelings of anger. Reasons for this include the conscious or unconscious… Read more