Forensic Inpatients, Crime, Complex PTSD, Childhood Trauma

We have already seen from numerous other articles that I have previously published on this site that there is an association between the early life experience of interpersonal childhood trauma and the development of violent and aggressive tendencies which may persist into adulthood and even lead to a label of ‘antisocial personality disorder’ or, even, […]

Dangerous And Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD)

In 1999 the U.K. government introduced a new concept in relation to personality disorders (which, as we know, are much more likely to occur in individuals who have suffered extreme and repetitive interpersonal childhood trauma) called DANGEROUS AND SEVERE PERSONALITY DISORDER (DSPD) and a treatment and assessment program was developed with the aim of ameliorating […]

How We Are Influenced By Our Unconscious Childhood Memories

As Alice Miller (1933-2010) states in her seminal book Free From Lies children learn by imitating their parents and much of this imitating is due to unconscious learning. To illustrate this Miller refers to a study in which mothers were observed holding and feeding their babies and, the ways in which they did so were […]

Effects Of Adolf Hitler’s Childhood

In the 1940s, at the request of the Office of Strategic Services (a former incarnation of the Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA), a psychiatrist by the name of Walter Langer produced a psychological profile of Hitler, including details about his childhood. Below, I summarize the most salient findings. Adolf Hitler’s father was described as frequently intoxicated, […]

Childhood Trauma Increases Risk Of Being Both Victim And Perpetrator Of Crime And Violence

  Research shows that the more ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES an individual suffered in their early life, the greater their risk of becoming the victim of crime and/or the perpetrator of crime in early life. ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES, as defined by the well known Adverse Childhood Experiences Study are listed below : – physical abuse – emotional […]

Often Aggressive? Is Your Sensorimotor System Primed To Deal With Threat?

  Are You Easily Provoked Into Angry And Aggressive Behaviour? After my mother threw me out of her house when I was thirteen years old and I was reluctantly taken in by my father and step-mother (which I have written about elsewhere in this site, so I won’t repeat the details), I was quickly labelled […]

Antisocial Personality Disorder – A Psychodynamic Explanation

  Antisocial Personality Disorder And The Early Life Of Sufferers : According to Meroy (1988), those who go on to develop antisocial personality disorder as adults have frequently experienced a dysfunctional relationship with their mothers during infancy, including a failure to form a healthy emotional bond with her – this could be for a variety […]

Expressing Childhood Trauma Through Externalizing Behaviours

Externalizing Behaviour : Have you ever smashed a piece of crockery or something similar out of anger or frustration? (I know I have.) If so, you were using what psychologists term an externalizing behaviour. Such behaviours are an expression of our negative feelings directed outward into the external environment. (Internalizing behaviours, in contrast, involve us […]

Brains Of Children Exposed To Domestic Violence Affected In Similar Way To Exposure To Combat

  A study carried out at University College London (UCL) has found that when a child is continually exposed to domestic violence, such as the father regularly beating the mother, their brains are negatively affected in a similar way to how the brains of soldiers are affected by exposure to combat in war. As a […]

Indirect Abuse: Effects On Children Of Witnessing Domestic Violence.

  Domestic violence often involves a man physically abusing a woman on repeated occasions (although it can, of course, involve a woman assaulting a man or a partner assaulting a same-sex partner in the case of gay relationships). In this article, however, to save complications, I’ll use the conventional example of a man who attacks a […]

Possible Childhood Characteristics of Future Serial Killers

      Image source: Bigstock Research has demonstrated that many serial killers have much in common when it comes to their childhood experiences. Below, I provide a list of the common characteristics they may sometimes share. It goes without saying, however, that people with many or even all of these characteristics will not invariably […]

Childhood Trauma : Early Signs of Psychopathy

Child Psychopaths First, it is important to state that diagnosing childhood psychological disturbance is fraught with difficulties as, once the child enters adolescence, behavioural problems are very far from uncommon, especially irritability, mood fluctuations, boundary testing/defiance and breaking social rules. However, the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) does list six conditions related to childhood conduct problems. […]