The ‘Orphanhood Effect’ And Related Phenomenon

Many exceptionally successful people (in terms of personal achievement) can trace the source of their success to their childhood suffering. One example of this is the so-called ‘orphanhood effect.’ Of course, losing a parent as a child is a terrible experience. but, for some, as alluded to above, the loss can act as a spur […]

Posttraumatic Growth : Trauma, The Brain, Dissociation And Creativity

  ‘How many times have people used a pen or paintbrush because they couldn’t pull the trigger?’ – Virginia Wolfe.   I have written elsewhere on this site in several previously published posts how, ultimately, even extremely serious and protracted trauma can lead to what is termed posttraumatic growth which involves an individual developing in […]

Reframing The Past : How To Reframe Traumatic Memories

  THE INDOCTRINATION OF NEGATIVE CORE BELIEFS : Many of us who have experienced significant and protracted childhood trauma have, as adults, suffered from the inadvertent internalization of our parents’ (or caretakers’) attitude and feelings towards us as we were growing up and, as a result, may have come to develop deeply painful core beliefs […]

Forgiveness And Its Health Benefits

What Is Meant By Forgiveness In The Context Of Forgiveness Therapy? Forgiveness in the context of forgiveness therapy does not mean condoning what another person has done to one but is a process that involves letting go of anger, bitterness, resentment and feelings of wanting revenge by choice and of, instead, developing compassion for the […]

Posttraumatic Growth – How Trauma Can Positively Transform Us

  ‘Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger.’ – Nietzsche Much of the research into the effects of severe trauma has concentrated upon its NEGATIVE effects. However, as new research is showing that the experience of trauma can also have a positive transforming effect upon a person’s life, I thought I would redress the […]