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The ‘Orphanhood Effect’ And Related Phenomenon

Many exceptionally successful people (in terms of personal achievement) can trace the source of their success to their childhood suffering.

One example of this is the so-called ‘orphanhood effect.’ Of course, losing a parent as a child is a terrible Read the rest

Posttraumatic Growth : Trauma, The Brain, Dissociation And Creativity


How many times have people used a pen or paintbrush because they couldn’t pull the trigger?’ – Virginia Wolfe.


I have written elsewhere on this site in several previously published posts how, ultimately, even extremely serious and Read the rest

Reframing The Past : How To Reframe Traumatic Memories



Many of us who have experienced significant and protracted childhood trauma have, as adults, suffered from the inadvertent internalization of our parents’ (or caretakers’) attitude and feelings towards us as we were Read the rest

Start Your Own Mental Health Blog



My Own Experience Of Blogging :

I started this blog about five years ago as I believed it would help in my recovery – it has certainly done so.

It has introduced some structure into my life and Read the rest

Posttraumatic Growth : An Existential Perspective



Not only possible to recover from the adverse effects of trauma but even to go on to develop as an individual in response to them in ways that would not have been possible had the traumatic events not Read the rest

Forgiveness And Its Health Benefits

What Is Meant By Forgiveness In The Context Of Forgiveness Therapy?

Forgiveness in the context of forgiveness therapy does not mean condoning what another person has done to one but is a process that involves letting go of anger, bitterness, Read the rest

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs, Posttraumatic Growth And Achieving ‘Self-Actualization’

The concept of posttraumatic growth hinges on the idea that, although suffering trauma can be devastating, some individuals not only merely survive their traumatic experiences, but go on to achieve a higher level of personal development than they would have Read the rest

Posttraumatic Growth – How Trauma Can Positively Transform Us


‘Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger.’

– Nietzsche

Much of the research into the effects of severe trauma has concentrated upon its NEGATIVE effects. However, as new research is showing that the experience of trauma can also Read the rest