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Complex PTSD, Muscle Armouring And Physical Pain.


One of the hallmarks of complex PTSD is a perpetual feeling of being under threat, stemming from constantly feeling afraid and vulnerable during childhood. This is true even though the threatening circumstances of our childhood have long since past Read the rest

Beliefs Instilled In Early Life Change Our Biology And Gene Expression



Bruce Lipton PhD, author of the book ‘The Biology of Belief’ proposes that our perception of our environment affects how our genes express themselves and this proposal is backed up by experimental data.

For example, if we grow Read the rest

How Mental And Physical Suffering Generated By Childhood Trauma Are Intrinsically Interlinked.




Perhaps the best-known study on the effects of childhood trauma on the individual is the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study conducted by Felitti and Robert Anda in the 1990s. The study involved a survey of 17,337 volunteers … Read the rest

Childhood Trauma May Accelerate Ageing Process And Reduce Life Expectancy



Research conducted by Puterman (2014), a specialist in stress and ageing, suggests that those of us who suffered significant trauma and consequential chronic feelings of stress as children may :

a) be more prone to disease and illness Read the rest

Why Is Physical Illness More Common In PTSD Sufferers?

If we have suffered from significant childhood trauma leading to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in our adult lives this also puts us at increased risk of developing various unpleasant physical symptoms. This is because the trauma has Read the rest

How Emotional Suffering Is Like Physical Pain.


At the height of my own mental turmoil, which lasted many years, my emotional suffering and distress were so intense that the only way I could carry on was to remind myself constantly that I could escape it through Read the rest