The Link Between Borderline Personality Disorder And Chronic Pain

Pain is not a purely physical phenomenon but also has emotional, biological and psychological components. This mind-body connection means that not only can psychological difficulties contribute to the experience of physical pain but also the reverse, physical pain can lead to emotional and psychological problems. David Hosier BSc Hons; MSc; PGDE(FAHE)David Hosier MSc holds two […]

How Stress Can Intensify Experience Of Physical Pain

We have already seen in other articles that I have published on this site that stress leading can have a numbing effect and reduce the experience of pain (i.e. have an analgesic effect), animal studies suggest that both chronic and acute stress can also intensify the experience of pain (i.e. have a hyperalgesic effect). In […]

Effects Of Childhood Trauma On The Stress Hormone Cortisol

We have seen from many other articles that I have published on this site that severe and protracted childhood trauma can greatly impair our ability to control our stress levels as adults (meaning we are more adversely affected by stress than the average person, both in terms of our physical and mental health). Cortisol is […]

Study Suggests Writing About Our Traumatic Experiences Can Be Beneficial To Health

            We know that childhood trauma is strongly associated with poor mental and physical health in later life (e.g. see the ACE study) due to the hazardous, longterm effects of prolonged and repetitive toxic stress and the effect that has on the mind, brain and body e.g. due to the […]

Labelling And Understanding Our Emotions May Reduce Inflammation And Improve Health

If, as children, we grew up in an environment in which we were subjected to severe stress over protracted periods of time the way in which our internal physiological systems would normally operate may be seriously compromised. Such long-lasting stress may be caused by various factors such as abuse or neglect. In her book, How […]

Complex PTSD, Muscle Armouring And Physical Pain.

One of the hallmarks of complex PTSD is a perpetual feeling of being under threat, stemming from constantly feeling afraid and vulnerable during childhood. This is true even though the threatening circumstances of our childhood have long since passed and, as adults, we are, objectively speaking, under no significant threat. These feelings of being under […]

Beliefs Instilled In Early Life Change Our Biology And Gene Expression

    Bruce Lipton PhD, author of the book ‘The Biology of Belief’ proposes that our perception of our environment affects how our genes express themselves and this proposal is backed up by experimental data. For example, if we grow up in an environment which we perceive to be threatening and are chronically exposed to […]

Childhood Trauma And Its Link To Adult Chronic Pain.

DISCLAIMER: NEVER ASSUME PAIN IS DUE TO PSYCHOLOGICAL CAUSES – ALWAYS CONSULT AN APPROPRIATELY QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL TO HAVE ITS CAUSE PROPERLY INVESTIGATED. The rehabilitation specialist, Dr John Sarno (Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University, theorized that a significant amount of chronic pain reported to doctors is connected to repressed rage, often stemming from […]

Childhood Trauma, Inflammation, The Immune System And Severe Adult Health Implications.

A study conducted in New Zealand, involving 1,037 children, assessed these young people according to : the degree to which they had suffered maltreatment as children which socio-economic group they belonged the extent to which they had suffered social isolation Thirty years after this assessment had been made, the same individuals were assessed again, in […]

How Mental And Physical Suffering Generated By Childhood Trauma Are Intrinsically Interlinked.

      Perhaps the best-known study on the effects of childhood trauma on the individual is the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study conducted by Felitti and Robert Anda in the 1990s. The study involved a survey of 17,337 volunteers (approximately half of whom were female) to ascertain whether there was a link between the […]

Conversion Disorder And Its Link To Childhood Trauma

  The term conversion disorder refers to a condition in which physical symptoms are manifested as a result of an underlying psychological problem – the psychological problem ‘converts’ itself into a physical problem though generally (without extensive clinical investigation) both the person with the condition and his/her doctor are unaware that the presenting physical problem […]

Childhood Trauma May Accelerate Ageing Process And Reduce Life Expectancy

    Research conducted by Puterman (2014), a specialist in stress and ageing, suggests that those of us who suffered significant trauma and consequential chronic feelings of stress as children may : a) be more prone to disease and illness as adults b) live shorter than average lives Why Might This Be? According to Puterman, […]

Hypnosis For Headaches

Hypnosis Treatment For Headaches : Research suggests that if we suffered from significant and protracted childhood trauma we will, as adults, have an increased susceptibility to suffering from headaches and migraines during our adult years. Examples Of Research Studies Showing The Effectiveness Of Hypnosis For The Treatment Of Headaches: 1) A research study conducted by […]