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How Stress Can Intensify Experience Of Physical Pain

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Psychogenic Pain And BPD

We have seen from other articles that I have already published on this site that many professionals who work within the field of mental health consider borderline personality disorder (BPD) to be the most psychologically and emotionally painful psychiatric condition Read the rest

Depression: Components Of The Mental Pain Experienced By Sufferers

We have seen from numerous other articles that I’ve published on this site that if we experienced severe and chronic interpersonal childhood trauma we are, as adults, at an elevated risk of developing clinical depression (as well as a plethora Read the rest

Why Isn’t Mental Pain Taken As Seriously As Physical Pain By Medical Profession?

I have lost count of the number of times I have complained to a doctor, therapist or psychiatrist about the torment of living in constant, excruciating mental pain rendering me unable to function in almost every meaningful aspect of life Read the rest

‘Psychache’ And Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Shneidman coined the term ‘PSYCHACHE‘ and he used the word to refer to unbearable mental pain, inner torment and turmoil. He theorized that this terrible mental pain was caused by:

  • unmet psychological needs (see ‘UNMET CORE NEEDS’ below).
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A Study Into The Terrible Mental Pain Experienced By BPD SUfferers.

A large majority of borderline personality disorder (BPD) suffer at least one episode of major depression during their lifetime. However, does the kind of mental pain experienced by those with suffering from BPD and depressive disorder differ from the kind Read the rest

Desperation To Escape Mental Anguish Caused By Childhood Trauma

Extreme Mental Pain

We have seen in other articles that I have previously published on this site that, if we have suffered severe and long-lasting childhood trauma, and, in particular, were brought up by parents who were emotionally disconnected from Read the rest

Why Rejection Is So Painful : An Evolutionary Explanation.

Due to the forces of evolution, our brains have developed, first and foremost, to keep us alive, irrespective of whether the emotions that drive us to do cause us pleasure or pain; in this sense, the process of evolution is Read the rest

Childhood Trauma And Its Link To Adult Chronic Pain.


The rehabilitation specialist, Dr John Sarno (Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University, theorized that a significant Read the rest

BPD, Feeling Painfully Empty, The ‘Leaky Cup’ Metaphor And Thrill Seeking


When a child is born into the world, s/he is utterly helpless and dependent upon his / her mother, and, in the early days of life, as long as his / her mother is present and sufficiently responsive to Read the rest

Should We Stop Using Electroconvulsive Therapy? My Experience.

Childhood trauma can lead us to become severely clinically depressed as adults, and this happened to me. Electroshock therapy or Electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) is only used as a last resort on people who are at high risk of suicide and/or Read the rest

Traumatic Memory : Flashbacks, Fragments, Nightmares And Repression

Remembering traumatic events is in some ways beneficial. For example, it allows us to review the experience and learn from it. Also, by replaying the event/s, its/their emotional charge is diminished.

However, sometimes the process breaks down and the memories Read the rest

Childhood Trauma, The Shame Loop And Defenses Against Shame

Feelings of shame can be excruciatingly painful; at their worst, they can cause us to completely isolate ourselves so that we avoid contact with others to the extent that we may become virtual recluses, perhaps only daring to venture out Read the rest

Severe Mental Pain And Anguish : BPD And Algopsychalia

For several years, unremittingly, I was in a constant state of intense psychological torment. I realize this sounds melodramatic or exaggerated. It isn’t. In fact, no words can fully convey the intensity of the mental anguish from which I suffered.Read the rest

Childhood Trauma Leading to Anhedonia (Inability to Experience Pleasure).


There is an established relationship between having experienced trauma as a child and suffering from anhedonia (the inability to experience feelings of pleasure) as an adult.

Anhedonia drains the colour from life, rather like seeing a film in high-resolution Read the rest

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