‘Upper’ And ‘Lower’ BPD: Kernberg’s Theory

According to Kernberg, the symptoms of BPD can be divided up into four major categories. These categories are as follows: DIFFUSE ANXIETY MULTIPLE PHOBIAS LITTLE CONSTANCY IN SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR IMPULSIVITY OR ADDICTION PROBLEMS OR BOTH Additionally, Kernberg asserts that those with BPD vacillate between dependence and self-assertion depending upon how threatening or good-willed s/he perceives […]

Odd, Quasi-Psychotic And True Psychotic Thinking In BPD Sufferers

A study conducted by Zachirini et al. (2013)investigated the prevalence of disturbed thought in 290 in-patients who had been diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder). The quality of disordered thinking measured in these 290 BPD in-patients was compared to the quality of disordered thinking measured in 72 non-BPD in-patients who had another (i.e. different) Axis […]

Childhood Trauma Leading To Psychotic And Immature Defense Mechanisms

  According to the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the unconscious defence mechanisms we employ to help us deal with stress can be split into four main types; these are : psychotic defence mechanisms. immature defence mechanisms. intermediate/neurotic defence mechanisms. mature defence mechanisms. If we have suffered severe and protracted childhood trauma which […]

Borderline Personality Disorder And Psychosis

If we are unfortunate enough to develop BPD following a traumatic childhood, in some cases (NOT all) we may, especially during periods of acute stress, be prone to what psychologists and psychiatrists refer to as brief psychotic episodes. Such brief psychotic episodes can entail experiencing, for periods of short duration, symptoms such as paranoid delusions and hallucinations. However, […]

Depersonalization: How Trauma Can Leave Us Feeling ‘Unreal.’

  One of the (myriad) symptoms of my illness can, perhaps, be best conveyed by the following example: I would look at a beautiful view, such as the sun setting on the horizon of the sea near where I live, but feel nothing. Whilst most people would feel their spirits lifted, glad to be alive, even […]