BPD Sufferers And Difficulties Getting Adequate Professional Help

A recent study carried out by Proctor et al., 2020, has produced further evidence that BPD sufferers frequently find it highly problematic gaining access to effective treatment such as dialectical behaviour therapy, or DBT. (In relation to this problem, you may wish to read my previously published articles: How  Malignant Alienation May Impoverish Care BPD […]

Labelling People As Having BPD May Adversely Affect Their Treatment

Aaron Beck (American psychiatrist and professor emeritus, University of Pennsylvania) describes two therapists talking: ‘I’m having trouble with my patient with personality disorder.’ ‘How do you know they have personality disorder?’ ”Because I’m having trouble with them.’ The above tautological, verbal exchange, whilst it may  (or may not) be apocryphal, succinctly reflects how many individuals […]

Attitudes Of Medical Professionals Towards BPD Sufferers

      We have seen from other articles I have published on this site that if we suffered significant and protracted childhood trauma we are, as adults, at increased risk of developing borderline personality disorder (BPD). Many specialists in the field are of the view that of all psychiatric conditions, BPD causes its sufferers […]

The Injustice Of Prejudice Against BPD Sufferers.

It is indeed a tragedy and injustice that many people who suffer from borderline personality disorder (BPD), a condition which can inflict excruciating mental pain on the suffer (10℅ eventually kill themselves), are not only not helped by others, but blamed for the symptoms they display as a result of their illness. This can result […]