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Over 850 free, concise articles about childhood trauma and its link to various psychological conditions, including : complex posttraumatic stress disorder (complex PTSD), borderline personality disorder (and other personality disorders), anxiety disorders, depression, physical health conditions, psychosis, difficulties forming and maintaining relationships, addictions, dissociation and emotional dysregulation (such as dramatic mood swings and outbursts of rage). The site also comprises articles on treatments for childhood trauma and related mental health problems as well as articles on posttraumatic growth and other relevant topics. There is a search facility on the site to facilitate exploration of subjects covered.

The Importance Of Limbic Resonance In Early Life

One way of describing the brain is to represent it as comprising three parts which developed at different times during our evolutionary history : The reptilian brain (this is the most primitive part of the brain) : this part of… Read more

Strong Feelings Of Guilt In Childhood Can Affect Brain Development

Research suggests that children who are prone to feelings of intense, excessive guilt are at increased risk in adulthood of developing various psychiatric disorders. These include :    – bipolar disorder    – depression    – anxiety    – obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) A… Read more

Effects Of Child Abandonment

What Is Child Abandonment? Child abandonment can take two main forms : Literal, physical abandonment (e.g. a mother leaving her baby on a stranger’s doorstep or other place where the baby will be found by a member of the public… Read more

Active And Passive Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse of children (sometimes referred to as psychological abuse) by their parents / primary caregivers can be divided into two types : PASSIVE EMOTIONAL ABUSE ACTIVE EMOTIONAL ABUSE Let’s look at each of these in turn : PASSIVE EMOTIONAL… Read more

Broaden And Build Theory

Broaden and Build Theory was devised by Barbara Fredrickson (1998). Individuals who have experienced significant childhood trauma, as adults, are more prone than average to negative emotions such as anxiety, and, in some cases (e.g. those who have developed complex… Read more

How Does Trauma Affect Memory?

Traumatic Memories Remembering traumatic events is in some ways beneficial. For example, it allows us to review the experience and learn from it. Also, by replaying the event/s, its/their emotional charge is diminished. However, sometimes the process breaks down and… Read more

Trauma And Memory

In this article, I want to focus on the potential adverse affects of trauma on memory, and, in particular, four types of memory : episodic memory semantic memory procedural memory emotional memory I briefly explain the function of these four… Read more

Effects Of Unpredictable Stress

Many children who grow up in dysfunctional family homes find themselves living in a state of hypervigilance, never knowing how their parents are going to respond to them at any given time (for example, this is often the case in… Read more

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) And Serotonin

Serotonin is a brain chemical (called a neurotransmitter as it sends signals between the brain’s neurons) that is involved with the generation of emotions and in present in particularly high quantities in the part of the brain known as the… Read more

Adult Loneliness : The Role Of Childhood Trauma

Statistics Relating To Loneliness : About one in twenty (i.e. 5%) of the adult population reports feeling lonely ‘often’ or ‘always’ ; 16% reported feeling lonely ‘sometimes’ ; and 24% reported feeling lonely ‘occasionally’ (2016-2017). Those who have low levels… Read more

What Are The Differences Between The Traumatized And Normal Brain?

I have already written at length about how severe and protracted childhood trauma can physically damage the brain’s development, adversely affecting both its structure and functionality, which, in turn, can contribute to the development of very serious psychiatric conditions such… Read more

Effects Of Passive-Aggressive Parents

Having parents who treat us in a passive-aggressive manner can have an extremely adverse effect upon our mental health; indeed, Scott Wetzler PhD, an expert in these matters, based at Montefiore Medical Center, has said, quite unequivocally, that being on… Read more

Childhood Trauma And Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Several of the articles on this site have already examined the link between childhood trauma and anxiety. In this article, I want to consider one specific anxiety based disorder known as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). When a person has this disorder,… Read more

Childhood Trauma, The Shame Loop And Defenses Against Shame

  The Agonizing Effects Of Shame Feelings of shame can be excruciatingly painful; at their worst, they can cause us to completely isolate ourselves so that we avoid contact with others to the extent that we may become virtual recluses,… Read more

Types Of Childhood Trauma

There are many traumatic events that can befall us in childhood which, as we have seen in other articles I have published on this site, can, potentially, result in us incurring significant and long-lasting psychological damage, especially in the absence… Read more