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Forensic Inpatients, Crime, Complex PTSD, Childhood Trauma

We have already seen from numerous other articles that I have previously published on this site that there is an association between the early life experience of interpersonal childhood trauma and the development of violent and aggressive tendencies which may Read the rest

Dangerous And Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD)

In 1999 the U.K. government introduced a new concept in relation to personality disorders (which, as we know, are much more likely to occur in individuals who have suffered extreme and repetitive interpersonal childhood trauma) called DANGEROUS AND SEVERE PERSONALITY Read the rest

The Difference Between Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy And Psychoanalysis


It is not uncommon for people to be unclear about the difference between psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. So how do these four terms differ? To answer this question, let’s look at each in turn:

 1. A clinical psychologistRead the rest

The ‘Orphanhood Effect’ And Related Phenomenon

Many exceptionally successful people (in terms of personal achievement) can trace the source of their success to their childhood suffering.

One example of this is the so-called ‘orphanhood effect.’ Of course, losing a parent as a child is a terrible Read the rest

Reasons Why, Sometimes, No Therapy Works.

No one therapy, of course, works for everyone and there is no one-size-fits-all’ solution to mental distress. Furthermore, some people with psychiatric conditions adamantly do not wish to engage with psychiatric services. Others may be unable to interact with psychiatric Read the rest

The Importance Of Understanding The Meaning Of The Traumatized Child’s Behaviour.

When trying to understand why a traumatized child is behaving in a particular way – such as being prone to outbursts of rage aggression or being perpetually withdrawn – it is important to remember that all behaviour carries with it Read the rest

Childhood Trauma And Somatic Psychology


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We have seen how significant and protracted trauma in childhood can adversely affect the body’s physiology leading to constant feelings of hypervigilance in adulthood due to a dysregulated autonomic nervous system and how therapy involving Read the rest

Very Early Life Trauma can ‘Burn’ Memories into The Brain that are not Consciously Recollectable


Most of us have no conscious memory of our experiences that occur before the age of two or older (I myself remember nothing that happened to me before the age of five and only very little Read the rest

Unable To Live In The Present? Therapy And Dual Awareness Can Help



Many people who have suffered severe and protracted childhood trauma and, as a result, go on to develop complex posttraumatic stress disorder or related conditions often feel permanently stuck in the past and unable to live in the Read the rest

Labelling People As Having BPD May Adversely Affect Their Treatment




A study conducted at Bath University in the United Kingdom has found that labelling an individual as suffering from BPD can lower the standard of treatment they receive.


The study involved 3 groups of mental Read the rest

BPD Link To Mothers Who Fluctuate Between Nurturing And Abusive Behaviour


As we have seen from other articles that I have published on this site, individuals who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (a very serious psychiatric disorder strongly associated with severe and protracted childhood trauma) have a strong Read the rest

The Link Between ‘Mental Illness’, Ideology, Meaning And Powerlessness

Many are of the view that too much of what people feel and do is being pathologized and labelled as a mental illness when, in fact, it should be seen as a natural response to negative life experiences often involving Read the rest

A Shattered Sense Of Self Due To Childhood Trauma


Severe, catastrophic, prolonged and/or repetitive childhood trauma can lead to a shattered, fractured, disintegrated and fragmented sense of self which can manifest itself in various ways including:


According to Zepenic (2016), severe trauma can adversely affect Read the rest

Family Secrets And The Damage They Do

It is frequently said that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and this, of course, is very true. A family can appear happy and stable in terms of how they present themselves to others outside the family, Read the rest

How Childhood Trauma Can Speed Up The Ageing Of The Brain


We have already seen from other articles that I have published on this site that, according to major studies, severe and protracted childhood trauma can dramatically increase our risk in adulthood of suffering from various physical illnesses (e,g, Read the rest