Buddy Press Added To Site

What Is Buddy Press? It’s a social networking system, with features similar to Facebook. In a BuddyPress site, users can create and update their profiles, send private messages to one another, befriend and de-friend each other, form and join groups, participate in forum discussions, and more. It’s a content management system. Please feel free to join. I am starting […]

Complex PTSD Characteristics And Dimensions And The Eleven ‘I’S’

The researchers Ford and Courtois (2017) have identified eleven characteristics of the very serious condition complex PTSD which can develop as a result of severe, protracted, interpersonal childhood trauma that builds on earlier work by Ford that identified ‘the five ‘I’s’ of complex PTSD by adding six others. These are as follows: Intentional: Complex PTSD […]

When ‘Survival Brain’ Replaces ‘Learning Brain’ Due To Childhood Trauma

If we suffer severe, protracted childhood trauma that involved us living in an environment in which we were constantly anticipating danger from an abusive parent or primary carer it is possible that our ‘survival’ brain was so frequently activated that it became dominant at the expense of the development and functioning of the ‘learning’ brain. […]

The Search For Mother Or Father Figures Resulting From Childhood Trauma

The experience of chronic and severe childhood trauma can result in profound emotional hurt being inflicted upon our ‘inner child.’ The term ‘inner child, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: .’the childlike usually hidden part of a person’s personality that is characterized by playfulness, spontaneity, and creativity usually accompanied by anger, hurt, and fear attributable […]