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Cognitive Problems At 8 Years-Old Linked To BPD Symptoms At 12

A longitudinal study (i.e. a study that is observational and carried out over a period of time, sometimes many years) carried out by Morales-Muñoz et al. The study involved just under 14,000 children all of whom were of relatively similar Read the rest

Can ADHD Be A Good Thing?


Should ADHD Be Seen As A ‘Medical Disease’?

I have already explained in other articles that ADHD is a controversial diagnosis (for example, see my previously published articles: Reasons Why ADHD Might Be Being Overdiagnosed or Childhood Trauma And Read the rest

Does Betrayal Trauma Increase Risk Of ADHD?


Betrayal trauma is a term which comes from betrayal trauma theory which was developed by Freyd (1994). Essentially, an individual may experience betrayal trauma when betrayed by a person to whom s/he is very close and upon whom the Read the rest

Reasons Why ADHD Might Be Being Overdiagnosed




How Many Young People Are Diagnosed With ADHD?

Statistics reveal around 1 in 7 young people in the United States currently receives a diagnosis of ADHD (the majority of whom are male)) and it is has been Read the rest

ADHD And Its Link To Childhood Trauma And A Negative Thinking Bias


Childhood Trauma, Stress And ADHD:

There is increasing evidence derived from research studies that ADHD is linked to psychosocial stress, particularly childhood trauma which has been established as a major factor putting the child at increased risk of developing Read the rest

Impulse Control In Early Life : Study Showing Its Vital Importance


We have already seen that those who suffer such severe, protracted childhood trauma that they go on to develop borderline personality disorder (BPD) have very significant problems regarding self-regulation (i.e, controlling intense emotions) and with IMPULSE CONTROL (along with Read the rest

Childhood Trauma And The Development Of Impulse Control Disorders.


If, as adults, we find we have poor impulse control, this may be, in large part, due to the legacy of a disturbed and traumatic childhood. For example, those who have suffered severe and chronic childhood trauma are more Read the rest

Expressing Childhood Trauma Through Externalizing Behaviours

Externalizing Behaviour :

Have you ever smashed a piece of crockery or something similar out of anger or frustration? (I know I have.) If so, you were using what psychologists term an externalizing behaviour.

Such behaviours are an expression of Read the rest

The Gifted Child : Characteristics And Potential Problems.


What Is Meant By ‘A Gifted Child’?

According to the National Association For Gifted Children, a gifted child is one who is in the top 3 to 5% of children of his age in one of the following areas:Read the rest

Childhood Trauma And ADHD : Is PTSD Being Misdiagnosed As ADHD?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article considers the possible link between childhood trauma and ADHD. However, to clear up any possible misinterpretation of this article, it is important to state at the outset that ADHD is undoubtedly a genuine disorder and it Read the rest

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