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David Hosier MSc holds two degrees (BSc Hons and MSc) and a post-graduate diploma in education (all three qualifications are in psychology). He also holds UK QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). He has worked as a teacher, lecturer and researcher. His own experiences of severe childhood trauma and its emotional fallout motivated him to set up this website,, for which he exclusively writes articles.

He has published several books including The Link Between Childhood Trauma And Borderline Personality Disorder, The Link Between Childhood Trauma ANd Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and  How Childhood Trauma Can Damage The Developing Brain (And How These Effects Can Be Reversed).

He was educated at the University of London, Goldsmith’s College where he developed his interest in childhood experiences leading to psychopathology and wrote his thesis on the effects of childhood depression on academic performance.

This site has been created for educational purposes only.

Study Suggests Emotional Abuse And Neglect Most Directly Linked To BPD

A recent study carried out at Manchester University analyzed data obtained from a number of previous studies (42 studies in all involving over 5000 participants) on how childhood trauma affects mental health (this type of study is known as a

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A Possible Explanation For BPD Diagnosis In Absence Of Child Trauma History

As we have seen from previous articles that I have published on this site, there is a very strong link between having suffered severe and protracted, interpersonal childhood trauma and later being diagnosed as suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD) Read the rest

Test Your Knowledge About Effects Of Childhood Trauma (Multiple Choice Test)


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Cognitive Problems At 8 Years-Old Linked To BPD Symptoms At 12

A longitudinal study (i.e. a study that is observational and carried out over a period of time, sometimes many years) carried out by Morales-Muñoz et al. The study involved just under 14,000 children all of whom were of relatively similar Read the rest

Childhood Trauma And Secondary Psychopathy

It has been argued (e.g. Cleckley, 1988) that there exist two types of psychopaths:

  1. Primary (also referred to as ‘true’) psychopaths
  2. Secondary psychopaths
  • Primary psychopaths have been defined as those who commit antisocial acts because of an idiopathic lack of
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Test Your Knowledge About Complex PTSD (Multiple Choice Quiz).

1) Which of the following can lead to complex PTSD?

2) Complex PTSD was first described by Judith Herman in…

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When Instruction To Honour Parents Produces Moral Injury

I remember, even as still a pretty young kid, learning that the fifth of the Ten Commandments In The Hebrew Bible (Exodus 20:1-21, and Deuteronomy 5:1-23)was to ‘honor thy father and mother’ was somewhat morally contentious. What if your parents Read the rest

LGBTIQ+ Individuals More Likely To Be Diagnosed With BPD

We know that the effects of parenting, particularly mothering (e.g. Kohut) on the individuals are connected with the later development of borderline personality disorder but these adverse psychological effects can, of course, be exacerbated by other stressors in the individual’s Read the rest

Do Gay And Bisexual People Have More Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?

A study conducted by Anderson and Blosnich (2013) was carried out in order to investigate whether or not gay and bisexual individuals had, on average, experienced more adverse childhood experiences than their heterosexual counterparts. Before we look at the study, Read the rest

The Antilibidinal Ego: Self-Protection Following Trauma

If as a child we suffer severe interpersonal trauma in the form of rejection by a primary-carer or similar experience,  a part of us may ‘split off’ (dissociate) and act as our protector in order to prevent us from becoming Read the rest

Neuroplasticity And Emotional Regulation


The way in which the brain is shaped and develops depends, to a large degree, upon our early life experiences; this is because of a quality of Read the rest

Problems With Emotional Regulation.

Problems With Emotional Regulation.

Our emotional regulation system determines how well we are able to control our emotions and neuroscientific studies strongly suggest that there are three subsystems in the brain that comprise this system; these three systems are as Read the rest

Test Your Knowledge About BPD (Multiple Choice Quiz).




The Irrefutable Link Between Borderline Personality Disorder And Childhood Trauma: Click the image above Read the rest

What Does Evolutionary Theory Predict About Step-Parents?

Evolutionary theory predicts that, on average, the more closely someone is genetically related to us, the better we will treat them (i.e. we will be more inclined to divert resources, energy, etc. to them for their benefit and at a Read the rest

Emotional Neglect In Childhood Linked To Ecstasy (MDMA) Use

According to research carried out by Ramo et al., (2013), individuals who have experienced childhood emotional neglect, as well as physical neglect and abuse are significantly more likely to become users of ecstasy (MDMA) than those fortunate enough to have

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