‘I just would like to say thank you for your life-changing website. I came across your work recently and I was blown away by the insightful materials you have put together creating a concise and easy to understand overview of the effects of childhood trauma.
I’ve always longed to find a book or a place that gather all the information regarding childhood trauma and its effects (because there are a lot of disparate information) and your website and books just did that.

I’m planning to purchase your books in the near future and this email is just to express my gratitude for the things I’ve already learned from your website..…it was only when i became aware of how my past was affecting my present adult life that I was able to make changes.  

Without this awareness (which is so difficult to recognise if one hasn’t been exposed to psychology and the effects of trauma) people will lead unconscious lives and suffer as a result. Your website and books provide this much needed awareness and self-knowledge.

Thanks again David for the great work you are doing – you are really saving lives..’
Dahir Camey


‘Your information is spot on and I really appreciate what you have done…your site is making a difference!’

Robert L Colby



I wanted to send you a message of thank you as it was after reading your research that I learned about complex post traumatic stress disorder…I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me.’

Emma Jones


I am currently reading several of your ebooks and would like to thank you for addressing the problem of childhood trauma…fascinating…thank you for explaining the science behind trauma, I find it very interesting and eye-opening when you see yourself in the examples and explanations. You have addressed many questions and wonderings I’ve had over the years,’

Julie Hasulo



Hello Mr. Hosier,

I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I work with children, adolescents, and adults. I work with a lot of women suffering with substance abuse. Most of the women are homeless and uninsured. I tell them about your ebooks which I think are absolutely amazing! Most of them do not have access to any electronic devices.

I try so hard to not junk up the brains of my patients with medications (or un-junk the strong medications that they present to me taking – antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, etc.). I try to get them to understand where their behaviors come from. Most of them have been made to think that they are “crazy” and the only way to cope is to dull their minds, often to the point that they can barely function.

Please tell me how I can get hard copies of you books.  I have so many patients that desperately NEED this type of information. Your books are excellent at getting the whole picture of trauma and it’s effects across so that it makes undeniable sense.

Thank you,

Amy Clark, NP

Outpatient Medication Management

Family First Community Services, LLC 

Amy Clark


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