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How Does Trauma Affect Memory?

Traumatic Memories Remembering traumatic events is in some ways beneficial. For example, it allows us to review the experience and learn from it. Also, by replaying the event/s, its/their emotional charge is diminished. However, sometimes the process breaks down and… Read more

What Is The Difference Between Repression And Dissociation?

the difference between repression and dissociation
I have frequently referred to the concepts of DISSOCIATION and REPRESSION on this site as, of course, both are highly relevant to the subject of childhood trauma. But what is the difference between the two? REPRESSION : In terms of… Read more

Three Unconscious Psychological Defenses Against Inner Feelings Of Shame

inner shame
According to psychodynamic theory, if, as babies, we are subjected to significant emotional abuse by the primary caregiver (usually the mother) such as constantly being subjected to her extreme anger, rage and hostility, we are at risk of developing a… Read more

Traumatic Amnesia Resulting From Childhood Trauma

I can remember very little indeed about my childhood before the age of about eight, even major events that I am told happened to me. For example, my school, when I was around this age, were concerned I was going… Read more

Repression Of Traumatic Childhood Memories.

Repression Of Traumatic Childhood Memories Most of us are familiar with the idea that people who have experienced severe traumas sometimes REPRESS the memory of them (ie. bury them deep in the unconscious where they cannot be consciously recalled). This… Read more