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What Types Of Parents Are More Likely To Physically Abuse Their Children?

Stith’s (2009) Meta-Analysis : A study carried out by Stith et al. (2009) reviewed 155 other studies (this is called a meta-analysis) that had already been carried out in order to identify factors that put the child at risk of… Read more

The Damaging Effects of Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse Physical abuse of children can be defined as an action which physically hurts or injures them. Usually, this is not a one-off incident, but is a pattern of behaviour towards the child from the parent/s or someone else… Read more

Childhood Trauma: What Is It?

What Is Childhood Trauma? There is no one, absolute and precise definition of childhood trauma. However, experts in the field of its study generally agree that an individual’s traumatic experience will be related to one or more of the following… Read more