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Study Suggesting Meditation More Effective Than Anti-depressants

A recent research study, carried out jointly by researchers from the University of Exeter and King’s College, University of London, demonstrated that mindfulness meditation can be more effective at treating depression than anti-depressant medication. In the study, which comprised 123… Read more

Mindfulness Meditation: An Escape Route Away from Obsessive, Negative Ruminations.

  Mindfulness : MINDFULNESS is a very effective and evidence-based therapy for the treatment of anxiety, depression and other conditions related to childhood trauma. Mindfulness helps individuals to develop the skill to DELIBERATELY FOCUS ATTENTION AND AWARNESS on THE PRESENT… Read more

Mindfulness : A Very Effective Technique for Treating Conditions Related to Childhood Trauma

What Is Mindfulness?   MINDFULNESS is an exciting technique, its effectiveness supported by much research evidence, which is now becoming very popular as a tool for the treatment of conditions related to childhood trauma, including depression, anxiety, difficulties regulating emotions… Read more