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Infanticide And Mental Illness

What Is Infanticide? At the severest end of the spectrum of childhood maltreatment lies the extremely rare and tragic act of infanticide which is defined as the killing of the child in his or her first year of life. The… Read more

Is Mental Illness Caused By Trauma?

Does Childhood Trauma Cause Mental Illness? There exists a clear link between the experience of childhood trauma and the development of mental illness in later life ; in other words, the greater the experience of trauma during childhood, the more… Read more

Childhood Trauma and Self-Harm : How it can be Addressed.

Childhood Trauma And Self-Harm : Three key elements to reducing our risk of harming ourselves are: 1) distracting our thoughts away from self-harm 2) reducing the intensity of our emotional arousal to levels which we are able to manage 3)… Read more

Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) And My Experience of It.

Childhood trauma can lead us to become severely clinically depressed as adults, and this happened to me. Electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) is only used as a last resort on people who are at high risk of suicide and/or are unable to… Read more

My Own Story : A Brief Overview.

My own childhood was highly chaotic and traumatic. I started to suffer severe emotional problems very early on (for example, when I was 8 the teachers at the prep school I was at thought I had gone deaf, so I… Read more

Repression Of Traumatic Childhood Memories.

Repression Of Traumatic Childhood Memories Most of us are familiar with the idea that people who have experienced severe traumas sometimes REPRESS the memory of them (ie. bury them deep in the unconscious where they cannot be consciously recalled). This… Read more

Serotonin And Childhood Trauma

As we have seen from other articles that I have previously published on this site, neurological problems resulting from childhood trauma can be reversed, and it is to the research into this exciting and fast developing area of study that… Read more

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Challenging Our Negative Thoughts.

Challenging Negative Thoughts : This article examines how we can use cognitive behavioral therapy to challenge our negative thoughts. When we have negative thoughts, it is important to ask ourselves: ‘What is the evidence to support this negative thought/belief?’ OFTEN,… Read more

Overcoming Relationship Difficulties Caused by Childhood Trauma

We have already seen that as survivors of childhood trauma we often find it very difficult to trust others. We may avoid close relationships in order to avoid the possibility of being hurt. Whilst this can allow us to feel… Read more