Why Labelling The Child As ‘Mentally Ill’ Can Be Unhelpful

  In his critically acclaimed book: ‘Cracked: Why Psychiatry Is Doing More Harm Than Good’, the author, James Davies, argues that psychiatry is a pseudo-science which : over-medicalizes human behaviour, labelling individuals as mentally ‘ill’ when it is not appropriate to do so is far too driven by the avarice and insatiable greed of profit-chasing […]

What Factors Reduce Risk Childhood Trauma Will Lead To Mental Illness?

  There exists a clear link between the experience of childhood trauma and the development of mental illness in later life; in other words, the greater the experience of trauma during childhood, the more likely one will suffer from psychological difficulties in the future. However, if we ask: ‘Is mental illness caused by trauma during […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Challenging Our Negative Thoughts.

  Challenging Negative Thoughts : This article examines how we can use cognitive behavioral therapy to challenge our negative thoughts. When we have negative thoughts, it is important to ask ourselves: ‘What is the evidence to support this negative thought/belief?’ OFTEN, WILL WILL FIND THERE IS VERY LITTLE OR AT LEAST NOT THE COMPELLING EVIDENCE […]