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Childhood Trauma: The Link with Alcoholism.

childhood trauma and alcoholisms
Childhood Trauma And Alcoholism When childhood trauma remains unresolved (i.e. it has not yet been worked through and processed with the help of psychotherapy), alcoholism may result (together, frequently, with aggressive behaviour). Indeed, it has been suggested that unresolved traumatic… Read more

Childhood Trauma And Self-Harm.

Childhood Trauma And Self-Harm Many research studies (eg Arnold, 1995) have demonstrated a link between having been abused as a child and self-harm. In one study,84% of individuals who self-harmed reported that childhood trauma had contributed to their condition. WHAT… Read more

Childhood Trauma: The Statistics

Childhood Trauma Statistics : The following statistics relate to the UK. However, it should be pointed out that childhood trauma and abuse tends to be under-reported and under-recorded so the figures presented should only be taken as a guide. The… Read more