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Traumatic Memory : Flashbacks, Fragments, Nightmares And Repression


Remembering traumatic events is in some ways beneficial. For example, it allows us to review the experience and learn from it. Also, by replaying the event/s, its/their emotional charge is diminished.

However, sometimes the process breaks down and the Read the rest

Failure Of Information Processing At Core Of PTSD

Research suggests (for examples, see below) that traumatic memories are not stored in the normal way (this theory was initially proposed by the psychologist and philosopher Pierre Janet) but non-linguistically as feelings/emotions and sensations (e.g. images, sounds, smells). This means Read the rest

Trauma Triggers : Definition And Examples

TRAUMA TRIGGERS are events/occurrences that remind us (on either a conscious or unconscious level) of our original traumatic experiences causing us to feel extreme distress similar to that felt at the time of that original trauma.
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Responding and Adjusting to the Effects of Trauma : Five Stages




One of the world’s leading experts on the effects of traumatic experience is the psychologist Mardi Horowitz, and it is he who proposed the five-stage model of how we respond and adjust to traumatic experience. The five stages Read the rest

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