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Parentification: A Closer Look at The Harmful Effects.

  I have already touched upon the topic of parentification in other articles but, in this one, wish to examine its possible harmful effects a little more closely. First, let’s quickly recap what is meant by the term. Parentification refers… Read more

Emotional Incest

Emotional Incest Emotional incest, also sometimes referred to as covert incest or psychic incest, occurs when a parent expects/forces the child to take on the emotional role of an adult/spouse. Although it does NOT involve sexual intimacy between the child… Read more

Borderline Mother : Four Types

GENERAL INTRODUCTION   For those of us who grew up with mothers who suffered from borderline personality disorder (BPD), our childhoods were often painful and anguished. We found ourselves living in a world that was contradictory and confusing ; it… Read more