Vast Majority Of Parental Maltreatment Of Children Unacknowledged

  Parental Maltreatment Of Children : Except in very extreme cases, such as severe physical abuse, the vast majority of parental mistreatment of children not only goes unreported, but is unacknowledged and, essentially, ignored (although this situation is gradually improving as people become more educated about the potentially devastating effects of bad parenting). Emotional Abuse […]

Dysfunctional Ways Parents May Seek To Over-Control Children

      I outline some of the most common ways in which parents may attempt to exert excessive control over their children below : Emotional Enmeshment : This occurs when a parent is intensely and overwhelmingly emotionally involved with his/her child so that, rather than seeing the child as an individual with his/her own […]

Emotionally Immature Parents : Effects On Their Children.

The Emotionally Immature Parent: Emotionally immature parents fail to connect with their children on an emotional level. This can leave their children feeling emotionally insecure, existentially lonely, empty and hollow. The emotions these children feel remain invalidated by the emotionally immature parent; indeed, the parent is frequently so self-obsessed that he fails to notice the child’s feelings […]