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Active And Passive Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse of children (sometimes referred to as psychological abuse) by their parents / primary caregivers can be divided into two types : PASSIVE EMOTIONAL ABUSE ACTIVE EMOTIONAL ABUSE Let’s look at each of these in turn : PASSIVE EMOTIONAL… Read more

Vast Majority Of Parental Maltreatment Of Children Unacknowledged

Parental Maltreatment Of Children : Except in very extreme cases, such as severe physical abuse, the vast majority of parental mistreatment of children not only goes unreported, but is unacknowledged and, essentially, ignored (although this situation is gradually improving as… Read more

Dysfunctional Ways Parents May Seek To Over-Control Children

Controlling Parents I outline some of the most common ways in which parents may attempt to exert excessive control over their children below : Emotional Enmeshment : This occurs when a parent is intensely and overwhelmingly emotionally involved with his/her… Read more

The Manipulative Parent

There are many ways in which the manipulative parent may manipulate their offspring, including: emotional blackmail threats (explicit or implicit) / verbal aggression deceit use of ‘the silent treatment’ control through money/material goods positive reinforcement of a behavior which is… Read more

When Parents Threaten Their Child With Violence

I have written elsewhere about how my mother was prone to unpredictable, unprovoked outbursts of extreme hostility when I was very young but it is only now I feel I want to be a little more specific – something has… Read more

Parental Alienation Syndrome

In simple terms, parental alienation syndrome (Gardner, 1985), refers to the psychological effects on the child when one parent (in custody of the child) manipulates this child into rejecting the other parent (not in custody of the child) during or… Read more

Emotionally Immature Parents : Effects On Their Children.

The Emotionally Immature Parent: Emotionally immature parents fail to connect with their children on an emotional level. This can leave their children feeling emotionally insecure, existentially lonely, empty and hollow. The emotions these children feel remain invalidated by the emotionally… Read more

Emotional Cruelty – A New Law To Help Reduce It

  The UK government is considering up-dating law whereby more individuals could be charged and convicted of EMOTIONAL CRUELTY against children. Types of behaviour that may constitute emotional cruelty include belittling, isolating, rejecting, humiliating, ignoring and corrupting (eg into criminal… Read more

Childhood Trauma – Signs and Effects of Psychological Abuse

  The effects of having been psychologically/emotionally abused when we were children can be devastating, and, without therapy, can last a life-time. Indeed, we may find, as a result of our adverse early life experiences, that we have significant difficulties… Read more

Dealing With Emotional Abuse : The Emotional Insulation Technique

Just because we are now adults, it does not necessarily follow that we will be completely free of emotional abuse by our parent, perhaps because s/he suffers from borderline personality disorder (BPD), narcissism or some other disorder of personality. This… Read more

The Effects of Emotionally Distant Parents on the Child.

Clearly, the child has both physical and emotional needs that the parents have a responsibility to meet. Both are obviously of vital importance. Often, however, a child may be well provided for in a material sense, but utterly deprived of… Read more

Childhood Trauma: What Is It?

What Is Childhood Trauma? There is no one, absolute and precise definition of childhood trauma. However, experts in the field of its study generally agree that an individual’s traumatic experience will be related to one or more of the following… Read more