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Divorce : Signs Children Are Being Used As Pawns Or Weapons

children used as pawns in divorce
Introduction : I have already published on this site articles which examine the potentially very psychologically damaging effects that divorce, particularly a  divorce that is acrimonious, can inflict upon the child. My own parents divorced when I was eight years… Read more

The Effect Of Divorce On Children

What Is The Effect Of Divorce On Children? My own parents divorced when I was eight years old. Initially, when my father left, in order to ‘protect’ me (I assume) my mother told me that my father had moved away… Read more

Combined Effects of Divorce and Emotional Abuse on The Child.

Sometimes, when parents divorce, the child finds s/he is left to be brought up by a dysfunctional parent, perhaps because the single-parent is under enormous stress and/or suffers from mental illness. Indeed, this was the situation I found myself in… Read more

Possible Effects of Divorce on Children

My own parents divorced in the scorching summer of 1976, when I was 8 years old. At prep school, I was the only boy in the class with divorced parents. I was deeply ashamed of this fact, and I did… Read more