Factors that Influence the Severity of Effects of Child Abuse

    The degree to which a person who suffers abuse during childhood is damaged by the experience will depend upon a number of different factors. Those who research such factors have split them into two groups : 1) RISK FACTORS – these are factors connected to the abuse that are likely to increase the emotional […]

Childhood Trauma : Kurt Cobain’s Childhood

I was a big fan of Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) and his band, Nirvana. I, therefore, remember where I was when I first heard the news of his death – it came on the TV in the gym I was in at the time (in an uninspiring town called Watford just north of London, UK, as […]

Effects of Childhood Trauma On The Development Of Violent and Anti-Social Behaviour.

    TONY SOPRANO: And to think I’m the cause of it. DR. MALFI: How are you the cause of it? TONY SOPRANO: It’s in his blood, this miserable fucking existence. My rotten fucking putrid genes have infected my kid’s soul. That’s my gift to my son. ***** Studies have shown that male children who […]

Psychotherapeutic Interventions That Research Suggests Are Helpful For Individuals Suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

  A quick search of the internet reveals a very large range of therapies on offer which purports to treat BPD effectively. Indeed, the sheer range of putative treatments can seem confusing and overwhelming. It is for this reason that I concentrate on just six treatments that research suggests are the most beneficial. Let’s look […]

Childhood Trauma And Self-Harm.

  Childhood Trauma And Self-Harm Many research studies (e.g. Arnold, 1995) have demonstrated a link between having been abused as a child and self-harm. In one study, 84% of individuals who self-harmed reported that childhood trauma had contributed to their condition. WHAT IS SELF-HARM? The following are examples: -skin cutting -skin burning -compulsive skin picking […]

Childhood Trauma: The Statistics

Is Childhood Trauma Common? The following statistics relate to the UK. However, it should be pointed out that childhood trauma and abuse tend to be under-reported and under-recorded so the figures presented should only be taken as a guide. The statistics were gained by interviews with a large sample of young adults. – a quarter […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Challenging Our Negative Thoughts.

  Challenging Negative Thoughts : This article examines how we can use cognitive behavioral therapy to challenge our negative thoughts. When we have negative thoughts, it is important to ask ourselves: ‘What is the evidence to support this negative thought/belief?’ OFTEN, WILL WILL FIND THERE IS VERY LITTLE OR AT LEAST NOT THE COMPELLING EVIDENCE […]

Coping Mechanisms for Survivors of Childhood Trauma

  How Do Survivors Of Child Abuse Cope? There are two main types of coping mechanisms: 1) Those which are helpful in the short-term, but unhealthy in the long-term. 2) Those which are useful in the long-term (but can take more effort and discipline). Examples of the first include: drinking too much, use of illicit […]

Stop Blaming Yourself! Childhood Trauma: An Analysis of Blame.

  When we are children, if someone treats us badly, we attempt to understand why. But in trying to understand, the child’s logic is very often flawed, and s/he falsely deduce s/he is to blame for it. The child’s flawed logic may flow similarly to this: ‘Someone is hurting me…punishment only happens to bad children…that […]