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Signs of Dysfunctional Families

Is Your Family Dysfunctional? It has already been established in other articles that those who grow up in highly dysfunctional families are more likely than others to develop mental illness later in life (for example. borderline personality disorder, or BPD… Read more

Highly Dysfunctional Families and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Those who go on to develop borderline personality disorder (BPD) almost invariably grew up as children in highly dysfunctional families in which the parent/s was/were emotionally unstable. I have written about BPD extensively in other articles on this site (to… Read more

Emotional Torture? When Parents Put Kids in a Psychological Double-Bind.

I first came across the phrase ‘double-bind’ at university whilst studying for my first degree in psychology – it struck a chord immediately. In its most simple terms, the child who is placed in a psychological double-bind, by parent/s or… Read more