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Disorganized Attachment : Effects on Toddlers

Disorganized attachment refers to the relationship between the mother and child being inconsistent, and, from the child’s point of view, unpredictable, as may occur if the mother is emotionally unstable. This leads to the child responding to the mother in a confused manner, particularly when the mother returns to the child after a period of separation (e.g. returning to … Read the rest

Types of Relationship Problems The Individual May Experience As A Result Of Childhood Trauma.


Childhood Trauma And Adult Relationships :

Early relationships between the parent and child have an enormous impact upon how the child manages relationships throughout later life.

If the child experiences significant difficulties with relating to his/her parents, it often leads to problems with relating to others later on in life.

Secure Attachment :

The developmental psychologist, John Bowlby  proposed … Read the rest