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Postpartum Depression And Childhood Trauma

A study conducted by Choi et al., (2017) suggests that women who have suffered from traumatic childhoods are at higher risk than average of suffering from postpartum depression.   What Is Postpartum Depression? Postpartum depression (also called postnatal depression) is… Read more

Effects of Childhood Trauma – Alexithymia, Depression and Binge Eating

One possible effect of significant childhood trauma, according to recent research, is a condition known as ALEXITHYMIA ; it is closely linked to clinical depression and eating disorders. Let’s look at the main symptoms of alexithymia. According to Taylor et… Read more

Childhood Trauma: Food and Nutrition which may Help with Resultant Depression.

Due to the side-effects associated with anti-depressants, together with the controversy which surrounds their effectivenes, some individuals prefer to try to treat their depression in more natural ways; in relation to this, many people adjust their intake of nutrients in… Read more

Serotonin And Childhood Trauma

As we have seen from other articles that I have previously published on this site, neurological problems resulting from childhood trauma can be reversed, and it is to the research into this exciting and fast developing area of study that… Read more