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Childhood Trauma May Accelerate Ageing Process And Reduce Life Expectancy

  Research conducted by Puterman (University of Columbia, Canada), a specialist in stress and ageing, suggests that those of us who suffered significant trauma and consequential chronic feelings of stress as children may : a) be more prone to disease… Read more

Effect of Childhood Trauma on Health Throughout Lifetime – Infographic

Severe childhood trauma leading to serious conditions like borderline personality disorder reduces life expectancy, on average, by 19 years (read my article on this by clicking here). WHAT THE INFOGRAPHIC BELOW SHOWS : Serious trauma affects neurological (brain) development (click… Read more

The Link between Childhood Trauma and Heart Disease – Infographic

In my post entitled ; ‘How Childhood Trauma can Reduce Life Expectancy by 19 Years’, I discussed the relationship between experiencing adverse events in childhood and poor health in later life. In relation to that article, I have presented below… Read more