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Mending The Mind : Self-Directed Neuroplasticity

We can use our own mind (which, for the sake of not over-complicating matters, I’ll define here as our conscious thought processes, feelings and experiences) to physically alter our brains, which, in turn, alters how our mind works. This is… Read more

Neuroplasticity : 3 Ways Brain Can Physically Recover From Trauma

THE BRAIN AND NEUROPLASTICITY : I have previously written articles on how early life trauma can adversely affect the physical development of the brain leading to, for example, psychological difficulties in adulthood such as finding it hard to control our… Read more

Why Adolescence is a Time of High Vulnerability.

Contrary to what used to be believed, we now know, through neurological research, that, during adolescence, the brain is still EXTREMELY PLASTIC (in this context, the word ‘plastic‘ means that the brain is susceptible to physical change in response to… Read more

Childhood Trauma, Stress and the Vulnerable Developing Brain

Both studies conducted on animals and humans conclusively reveal that long-term and severe stress have a harmful effect upon the brain. If the brain is harmed in such a manner, an individual’s chances of developing mental illness is considerably increased.… Read more

Effect of Early Trauma on Brain’s Right Hemisphere Development.

As recently as 25 years ago, it was still frequently believed that the structure of the brain had already been genetically determined at birth. Now, however, we of course know that this is absolutely NOT the case. Indeed, the experience,… Read more

Recovery: How the Brain can ‘Rewire’ Itself (Neuroplasticity).

Childhood Trauma And The Brain : Severe childhood trauma can adversely affect the way in which the brain develops, leading to, for example, extremes in anxiety or great difficulty in controlling emotions. However, there has been exciting research conducted showing… Read more

Childhood Trauma: Its Relationship to Psychopathy.

Childhood Trauma And Psychopathy What is the nature of the relationship between childhood trauma and psychopathy? The term ‘psychopath’ is often used by the tabloid press. In fact, the diagnosis of ‘psychopath’ is no longer given – instead, the term… Read more