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Childhood Trauma : Its Link With Future Self-sabotaging Behaviour.


I have already published on this site several articles explaining how, if we have suffered significant childhood trauma, we are far more likely than the average person (all else being equal) to behave in a self-sabotaging manner and to become, to use the colloquial term, ‘our own worst enemy.’ Certainly, that was true of me for more years than I care to recollect.


A recent study, carried out by the researcher Van der Kolk and his colleagues, looked at this link between having suffered childhood trauma and the subsequent development of self-destructive and self-damaging behaviour.

Each person in the sample of 74 individuals who participated in the study had a diagnosable psychiatric condition (either bipolar disorder or a personality disorder such as borderline personality disorder (BPD) and each were monitored over various lengths of time (the average length of time and that a participant in the study was monitored was four years).

During the period of time that each individual was monitored the researchers recorded all instances of self-destructive/self-sabotaging

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