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The Effects of Emotionally Distant Parents on the Child.

Clearly, the child has both physical and emotional needs that the parents have a responsibility to meet. Both are obviously of vital importance. Often, however, a child may be well provided for in a material sense, but utterly deprived of… Read more

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).

rational emotive behavior therapy
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy : ‘People are disturbed not by things, but by their view of things.‘ -Epictetus REBT emphasizes that the key to emotional health, even in the face of life’s adversities, is RATIONAL THINKING. In the context of… Read more

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY (DBT) is an exciting new treatment option for those suffering with BPD. It is a therapy which has elements in common with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It is an evidence-based treatment (ie it is backed by scientific… Read more

Latest Research Leads to New List Of Main Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Symptoms: The List

Main Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms : Recent research has led to an expansion of the description of the main borderline personality disorder (BPD) symptoms. Following the development of the Sheldern Western Assessment Procedure 200 (an assessment tool which includes 200… Read more

A Closer Examination of The Effects of Childhood Trauma. Part One.

Effects Of Childhood Trauma : It has been stated in several of the posts which I have already published on this site that our childhood experiences have an incalculably large effect on how we develop later on in life, and,… Read more

Childhood Trauma and Self-Harm : How it can be Addressed.

Childhood Trauma And Self-Harm : Three key elements to reducing our risk of harming ourselves are: 1) distracting our thoughts away from self-harm 2) reducing the intensity of our emotional arousal to levels which we are able to manage 3)… Read more

Childhood Trauma And Self-Harm.

Childhood Trauma And Self-Harm Many research studies (eg Arnold, 1995) have demonstrated a link between having been abused as a child and self-harm. In one study,84% of individuals who self-harmed reported that childhood trauma had contributed to their condition. WHAT… Read more

Repression Of Traumatic Childhood Memories.

Repression Of Traumatic Childhood Memories Most of us are familiar with the idea that people who have experienced severe traumas sometimes REPRESS the memory of them (ie. bury them deep in the unconscious where they cannot be consciously recalled). This… Read more

Childhood Trauma: The Statistics

Childhood Trauma Statistics : The following statistics relate to the UK. However, it should be pointed out that childhood trauma and abuse tends to be under-reported and under-recorded so the figures presented should only be taken as a guide. The… Read more

Serotonin And Childhood Trauma

As we have seen from other articles that I have previously published on this site, neurological problems resulting from childhood trauma can be reversed, and it is to the research into this exciting and fast developing area of study that… Read more

Overcoming Relationship Difficulties Caused by Childhood Trauma

We have already seen that as survivors of childhood trauma we often find it very difficult to trust others. We may avoid close relationships in order to avoid the possibility of being hurt. Whilst this can allow us to feel… Read more

Coping Mechanisms for Survivors of Childhood Trauma

How Do Survivors Of Child Abuse Cope? In my last post I mentioned it might be useful to look at some coping mechanisms one may wish to make use of in the recovery stage from childhood trauma and it is… Read more

Childhood Trauma: An Analysis of Blame.

  Childhood Trauma And Blame When we are children, if someone treats us badly, we attempt to understand why. But in trying to understand, the child’s logic is very often flawed and s/he falsely deduces s/he is to blame for… Read more