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How Is a Personality Disorder Defined?

definition of personality disorder


In order to address this question, it seems sensible to first outline what psychotherapists mean by a HEALTHY personality. In general, one would expect someone with a healthy personality to exhibit the following characteristics:

– an ability to engage in satisfying personal relationships
– generally has age-expected thoughts and feelings
– can function relatively flexibly when stressed
– has a clear sense of own personal identity
– are generally well-adapted to their own particular set of life circumstances
– don’t generally experience significant distress or impose it on others

An UNHEALTHY, or DISORDERED PERSONALITY, in stark contrast to the above, will display a personality characteristic, or, far more frequently, a group of personality characteristics (or TRAITS, as they are referred to by psychologists), so extreme as to be way outside the normal range of experience and to subsequently cause the person suffering from the personality disorder SERIOUS PROBLEMS FUNCTIONING IN NEARLY ALL AREAS OF THEIR LIVES.

Problems encountered by the personality disordered individual

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