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Obsessive Love Resulting From Dysfunctional Childhood.


Causes Of Obsessive Love

I have already written about OBSESSIVE LOVE DISORDER on this site (click here to read my article) and, in this article, I intend to examine its likely causes in a little more depth :


Individuals who fall victim to feelings of obsessive love tend to focus these feelings on a person who is obviously UNAVAILABLE (e.g. has a different sexual orientation or is in a happy and devoted relationship with someone else).

This means the object of obsessive love is likely to be, at best, indifferent to

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Childhood Trauma and Obsessive Love Disorder

childhood trauma and obsessive love disorder

Obsessions are a symptom of an underlying anxiety disorder and materialize as a result of great stress such as severe emotional injury during childhood. In order to escape a world of intolerable psychological pain, the person suffering from obsessive love disorder escapes into a world of fantasy and obsession.

obsessive love disorder

obsessive love disorder

The disorder can come about as a result of having experienced a childhood in which the sufferer had chronically emotionally unresponsive parents, and, thus, did not have his/her emotional

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