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Types of Childhood Mental Illness Associated with Trauma


If we have experienced significant childhood trauma and find ourselves having mental health problems in adulthood as a result, it is quite possible that our psychiatric condition was already apparent, or, at least, had started to become apparent, during our childhood. Indeed, at any one time about 1 in 4 children will be experiencing mental health difficulties.

What are the most common types of mental illness that occur during childhood?

The most common mental illnesses that are experienced

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Bipolar Disorder – Childhood Contributory Factors.


Bipolar disorder (which used to be called ‘manic depression’) is a condition in which the affected individual oscillates between periods of severe depression and periods of mania, combined with periods of relative ‘normality’ intervening between these episodes.


Above – two alternative ways of diagramatically representing the mood cycles  experienced by those suffering from bipolar disorder. Hypomania (diagram 1) refers

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Conditions which Often Co-exist with BPD – The Statistics


Unfortunately, many of those who suffer from the debilitating and distressing disorder of borderline personality disorder (BPD) following severe childhood trauma have the added burden of having to try to somehow cope with co-existing conditions ; these are referred to by psychologists as co-morbitities. Below, I list these possible co-morbidities, together with the statistical probability that a person with BPD will suffer from them. I begin, however, with two quotes from BPD sufferers which

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