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Childhood Trauma Leading To Addiction And Crime

childhood trauma, addiction and crime

We have seen in previous articles published on this site that, if we have experienced significant childhood trauma, we are at increased risk of becoming addicted to illegal drugs as a result in order to help dull our emotional pain / dissociate from our problems (this is not only because our lives our more likely to be stressful if we have experienced

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Patterns of Behaviour Stemming from Childhood Trauma. Part 2.

problem behaviors due to child trauma

behaviours caused by childhood trauma

In Part 1 of this post I examined how the following behaviour patterns can result in later life due to the experience of childhood trauma : people pleasing; excessive need for control; neediness; insomnia; having weak boundaries; and making unhealthy partner choices.

In this part, I will consider the remaining behaviour patterns, presented on the list in Part 1, which can result from childhood trauma; these are :

– neurosis

– eating disorders

– addictions to sex/relationships

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