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Childhood Trauma May Accelerate Ageing Process And Reduce Life Expectancy

accelerated aging and childhood trauma

Childhood trauma may accelerate the ageing process : this article sheds light on the possible reasons.

Research conducted by Puterman (University of Columbia, Canada), a specialist in stress and ageing, suggests that those of us who suffered significant trauma and consequential chronic feelings of stress as children may :

a) be more prone to disease and illness as adults

b) live shorter than average lives

Why Might This Be?

According to Puterman, this may be due to the adverse effects the stress of our childhoods had on our body’s cells.

More specifically, Puterman suggests that early, protracted exposure to stress may shorten our telomeres (telomeres are located on the end of our chromosomes).

Above : Telomeres under the microscope.

Above : Childhood trauma may prematurely age telomeres.

Why Do Shortened Telomeres Matter?

Telomeres serve to protect our chromosomes and, if

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