Signs An Adult Was Abused As A Child

signs an adult was abused as a child

What Are The Signs An Adult Was Abused As A Child?

The main signs are as follows:

– Volatile, difficult and unstable relationships with others, including own children

– Problems with behavior including anti-social behavior leading to conflict with the law (especially in the case of males who were abused as children

Extreme emotions and difficulty controlling them

– Hypervigilance / feelings of vulnerability / not feeling safe and secure

РDid not fulfill academic potential

Dependence on alcohol or drugs in attempt to reduce emotional pain and suffering

Intrusive and disturbing memories of abuse

– Intrusive and disturbing feelings and emotions connected to the abuse (eg when lying awake at night)

Nightmares, insomnia

РDepression, anxiety, cPTSD (complex posttraumatic stress disorder),  BPD (borderline personality disorder)

‘Comfort eating’ and associated obesity

Self-harming behaviors

Thoughts about suicide





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