Appropriate Expression Of Emotions Improves Health.

We have seen from several other articles that I have previously published on this site that the experience of severe and protracted childhood trauma leaves us, as adults, at increased risk of developing depression, anxiety, other psychiatric disorders as adults, as well as to experiencing distressing and persistent negative emotions in general (e.g. shame, guilt, anger etc.).… Read the rest “Appropriate Expression Of Emotions Improves Health.”

Reducing The Pain Associated With Being Stuck In ‘Fight / Flight’ Mode.

We have seen how the experience of severe and protracted childhood trauma can damage the development of the brain’s amygdala, leaving us, as adults, prone to chronic anxiety and a sense of being ‘stuck on red alert’ / trapped in a state of perpetual ‘fight or flight.’ Indeed, being locked into this state of hypervigilance is a … Read the rest “Reducing The Pain Associated With Being Stuck In ‘Fight / Flight’ Mode.”

Depression, Thinking Styles And Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Depression – Natural Treatment | Self Hypnosis Downloads : Try Introduction And First Module FREE.

We have seen from other articles published on this site that those who have experienced severe and protracted childhood trauma are, as adults, at an elevated risk of suffering from depression. We have also seen how hypnotherapy can benefit trauma survivors (in fact, … Read the rest “Depression, Thinking Styles And Hypnotherapy”

BPD And Genetic Heritability

Studies have been conducted that suggest that parents suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD) may pass on certain genes to their children that predispose them to impulsive behavior and emotional volatility.

For example, a study conducted by Distel et al. (2007) suggested that the genetic component (heritability) of BPD is about 42%, whilst a study conducted by Torgersen (2000) put … Read the rest “BPD And Genetic Heritability”

Ten Ways To Build Resilience

Different people respond in different ways to trauma. One of the reasons for this is that some people are more resilient to its adverse effects than others and even manage to grow and develop as a person in positive ways (a phenomenon known as posttraumatic growth) that would not have occurred had they not experienced the traumatic event/s.… Read the rest “Ten Ways To Build Resilience”

Childhood Rejection Leading To Possessive Behavior In Adult Relationships

If we were rejected when we were children by parents / primary carers this can have a profound effect upon our adult, intimate relationships, causing them to be ruined by a perpetual, intense fear of losing our partner and re-experiencing the intolerable emotional pain that was generated by our experience of rejection and abandonment when young. This deeply entrenched insecurity … Read the rest “Childhood Rejection Leading To Possessive Behavior In Adult Relationships”

Childhood Trauma And Tachycardia


My own resting heart rate, which is usually at least 105 beats per minute, according to my GP, ‘is nothing to worry about.’

Since a resting heart rate of above is technically classified as ‘tachycardia’ (an abnormally fast beating heart), it seems to me it is something to worry about – presumably my GP’s intent was to play things down … Read the rest “Childhood Trauma And Tachycardia”