Trauma Involving Betrayal More Likely To Lead To BPD And PTSD


We have seen from numerous other articles that I have published on this site that those of us who experienced severe and protracted childhood trauma are at a highly increased risk of being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and/or Read the rest

Betrayal Trauma Theory And ‘Betrayal Blindness’.


As Bowlby emphasized, the child is profoundly dependent upon a reliable and secure attachment with his/her parent/primary carer for his/her physical and psychological health; indeed, throughout human evolutionary history, such a protective relationship has been crucial to the child’s Read the rest

Childhood Trauma And Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Childhood Trauma And Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Survivors of extreme trauma often suffer persistent anxiety, phobias, panic, depression, identity and relationship problems Many times, the set of symptoms the individual presents with are not connected to the original trauma Read the rest

Some BPD Traits May Have Been Adaptive For Our Ancestors And Helped Them Survive


Certain studies have suggested that borderline personality disorder (BPD) is up to 67 per cent heritable (e.g. Torgenson et al. 2000 and 2012). In other words, these studies suggest there is a large genetic component that contributes to an Read the rest

Study On Effects Of Trauma Of 9/11 On Children Directly Exposed To The Tragedy

Whilst there has been a lot of research conducted upon the psychological and physiological effects of the 9/11 tragedy on adults, far less has been conducted on children who witnessed that appalling tragedy. However, researchers at Columbia University have helped Read the rest

‘Upper’ And ‘Lower’ BPD: Kernberg’s Theory


According to Kernberg, the symptoms of BPD can be divided up into four major categories. These categories are as follows:


Additionally, Kernberg asserts that Read the rest

Effects Of Adolf Hitler’s Childhood



In the 1940s, at the request of the Office of Strategic Services (a former incarnation of the Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA), a psychiatrist by the name of Walter Langer produced a psychological profile of Hitler, including details about Read the rest

Unwanted: Effects Of Being Born To A Mother Denied Abortion.



What are the effects on the child of being born unwanted because his/her mother wanted an abortion but was prevented from having one? A Czechoslovakian study, known as The Prague Study, spanning over thirty years and involving 220 Read the rest

Dysfunctional Tension Reduction Activities Complex PTSD and BPD Sufferers May Use


One of the hallmarks of both complex PTSD and borderline persona; disorder (BPD) is a feeling of constant anxiety, agitation and apprehensiveness, As a result of feeling trapped and imprisoned in this distressing state, individuals become desperate to escape Read the rest

Therapy For Dissociative Disorder



Hunter et al. (Institute of Psychiatry, London) has developed a form of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for the condition that treats it in a similar way to how anxiety disorders would be treated.

The therapy developed by Hunter Read the rest

How ‘Malignant Alienation’ May Impoverish Care BPD Sufferers Receive

Because many sufferers of BPD have been so betrayed and hurt by their childhoods they may frequently have developed psychological defences that do not immediately endear them to others such as deep mistrust of people in general and, in particular, Read the rest

A Study On The Link Between Childhood Trauma And Adult Psychosis



A study carried out by Morgan et al., (2007) involved 390 individuals who had suffered a first episode of psychosis. It was found that, compared to individuals Read the rest

Three Types Of Flashback: Visual, Somatic And Emotional


Sufferers of both posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex posttraumatic stress disorder (Complex PTSD) experience terrifying flashbacks.

Such flashbacks can be split into three categories as follows:


Below, I briefly describe the form Read the rest

Why Complex PTSD May Sometimes Be Misdiagnosed As Schizophrenia


It has been noted by many researchers (e.g.Fox, 2005) that individuals who have been profoundly traumatized may display symptoms of psychosis (most frequently in the form of hallucinations and delusions). Such psychotic symptoms are especially likely to occur when Read the rest

Bowlby’s Theory Of The Damaging Psychological Effects Of Maternal Deprivation


Bowlby stressed that what is crucial for mental health is that the baby/infant/young child experiences warm and loving nurturing from his/her mother (or primary carer) which is reliable, dependable and continuous and which both mother and offspring find gratifying.Read the rest