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Childhood Trauma Recovery Articles

Childhood Trauma Recovery Articles


Recovery from psychological childhood trauma

What are adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)?

How childhood trauma can reduce life expectancy by 19 years

Factors that can prevent recovery from PTSD/Complex PTSD

Explaining traumatic memories with the linen cupboard metaphor

Steps to healing from childhood trauma as an adult

3 stages of Complex PTSD treatment: stabilization, therapy, and reintegration.

Trauma, its biological effects, and the Importance of ‘bottom up’ therapy

Fight, flight, freeze, or fawn? Trauma responses

Shaking therapy for reducing stress associated with Complex PTSD

Childhood trauma, the shame loop, and defenses against shame

Does your personality feel fragmented?

Childhood trauma, arrested psychological development, and age regression

Reducing anxiety by calming the amygdala

Reducing the pain associated with being stuck in the  ‘fight/flight’ mode

Recovery of repressed or buried memories of abuse

Relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder (ROCD)

4 types of borderline mothers: witch, hermit, waif, and queen

Writing to heal: start your own mental health blog

Recover from childhood trauma effects with help of neurofeedback

Constantly feeling ‘numbed out?’ Polyvagal informed therapy may help

Labeling and understanding our emotions may reduce inflammation and improve health

The ‘still face’ experiment and the importance of the mother-child bond

Are you addicted to love? Four types of a love addict

Possible childhood characteristics of a future serial killer

Pathological lying: its link to childhood trauma

Signs an adult was abused as a child

Dysfunctional families: types and effects

Childhood trauma leading to self-hatred and extreme self-criticism

Hypnotherapy for symptoms of BPD

Effects of homophobic parents on their LGBTQ+ children

Writing about traumatic memories can be beneficial to health

EMDR may help unblock traumatic memories trapped in the brain

The vital importance of mother-baby attunement (limbic resonance) in early life

Why some parents can’t love their children

Improved transcranial magnetic stimulation procedure

Trauma symptoms are a normal reaction to abnormal experiences

The effects of being ignored by parents as children

Repairing the traumatized brain: the staircase metaphor

Childhood fame: the downside and cost of childhood fame

Seeing symptoms of complex PTSD as adaptive Capacities.