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The Harmful Effects Of Mainstream Schooling.

There exists an ever growing body of evidence that suggests the school system is very far away indeed from being an optimum environment to encourage learning. Indeed, the system frequently destroys any potential love of learning the child may otherwise have developed.

The main characteristics of the schooling system that may be particularly unhelpful are summarised below:


1) The Strong Read the rest

The Vital Importance Of Having Our Traumatic Experiences Validated.

validation of childhood experiences

Research has established, beyond doubt, that, all else being equal, the greater our experience of childhood trauma, the worse both our physical and mental health are likely to be during our adulthood, and the more likely we are to die prematurely.

Research has also shown that having our perception of our childhood trauma, and its adverse effect on us, validated … Read the rest

How Our Innate Sense Of Trust Can Be Shattered.


When I was about nine or ten years old, about two years after my parents had divorced and I was still living with my mother, she met a man called Iain McDonald at a singles’ bar and soon afterwards invited him to move in with us (‘us’ being myself, my brother, who is three years older than me, and my … Read the rest

Childhood Trauma : Abuse Between Siblings

The short video below summarizes the main points of this article. To READ THE FULL ARTICLE, scroll down. OR, to LISTEN TO AUDIO OF THE FULL ARTICLE, see above.



Like parental abuse of children, abuse of one sibling by another can fall into three main categories.

These are :

  1. emotional abuse (for example, name-calling and teasing that has a negative
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Feel Permanently, Emotionally Numb? The Possible Roots In Childhood Trauma.

Emotional numbness is a coping mechanism that can be necessary to psychologically protect us when traumatic events are occurring. However, emotional numbness becomes a problem if it persists after the traumatic events are over meaning that it no longer serves any useful purpose.

For example, emotional numbness may have helped us survive adverse childhood experiences. However, if it carries on … Read the rest

Emotionally Immature Parents : Effects On Their Children.


The Emotionally Immature Parent:

Emotionally immature parents fail to connect with their children on an emotional level.

This can leave their children feeling emotionally insecure, existentially lonely, empty and hollow.

The emotions these children feel remain invalidated by the emotionally immature parent; indeed, the parent is frequently so self-obsessed that he fails to notice the child’s feelings and emotional needs.Read the rest

Unconscious Processes : How Our Past Affects Our Present.


Our past experiences, in particular our childhood experiences, create in our brains unconscious processes that affect our present.

This idea is based upon various sub-types of psychoanalytic theory. These include:

1) Freudian theory

2) Ego psychology

3) Object relations theory

Let’s look at each of these in turn:

1) Freudian Theory

According to Sigmund Freud, often referred to as the … Read the rest