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When Parents Threaten Their Child With Violence

I have written elsewhere about how my mother was prone to unpredictable, unprovoked outbursts of extreme hostility when I was very young but it is only now I feel I want to be a little more specific – something has… Read more

Characteristics Of Perpetrators Of Domestic Violence.

  Domestic Violence And Children : We have seen in other articles that I have published on this site that children who grow up in households in which domestic violence is prevalent (e.g. growing up in a household in which… Read more

Brains Of Children Exposed To Domestic Violence Affected In Similar Way To Exposure To Combat

A study carried out at University College London (UCL) has found that when a child is continually exposed to domestic violence, such as the father regularly beating the mother, their brains are negatively affected in a similar way to how… Read more

Indirect Abuse: Effects On Children Of Witnessing Domestic Violence.

  Domestic violence often involves a man physically abusing a woman on repeated occasions (although it can, of course, involve a woman assaulting a man or a partner assaulting a same-sex partner in the case of gay relationships). In this… Read more

Possible Childhood Characteristics of Future Serial Killers

Research has demonstrated that many serial killers have much in common when it comes to their childhood experiences. Below, I provide a list of the common characteristics they may sometimes share. It goes without saying, however, that people with many… Read more

Childhood Trauma – The Cycle of Domestic Violence

I have already written an introductory article on the subject of how domestic violence may affect children (CLICK HERE) and, in this article, I want to look at the cycle that often underlies domestic violence, leading to the violence being… Read more

Childhood Trauma : Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can affect children in two ways : DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY. Let’s look at each of these two categories: DIRECTLY : –  the violence is DELIBERATELY aimed at the child with the INTENTION of causing him/her harm INDIRECTLY :… Read more