Childhood Trauma Increases Risk Of Night Terrors And Sleep Paralysis

Many studies have shown that the more severe and protracted our experience of childhood trauma, the more likely we are to suffer from serious sleep problems in adult life, including nightmares, night terrors, sleep apnea and insomnia. Sleep difficulties are obviously extremely unpleasant on their own; however, to make matters even worse, studies have shown […]

Childhood Trauma Link To Excessive Dreaming During Sleep.

I have written, elsewhere on this site, how, at its worst, my insomnia was causing me to wake up extremely frequently at night and how I had great difficulty getting to sleep. Also, however, the small snatches of sleep I did manage to get during the night seemed always to consist of intensely vivid, and […]

Have Effects Of Trauma Made You Afraid Of Going To Sleep?

  Are You Afraid Of Going To Sleep? My so-called ‘sleep’ (it’s stretching things to dignify it with that word, actually, even in inverted commas), in the past, has been appalling: it would take me at least three hours to lose consciousness, and, even then, I would wake, with a violent, shuddering start, ridiculously frequently […]

Insomnia More Common in Childhood Trauma Survivors

I have already published on this site a great many articles about how those of us who have suffered significant childhood trauma are at considerably higher risk of suffering from psychiatric conditions, as adults than average. One such condition is that we tend to be far more prone to developing what psychologists term ‘hypervigilance’ (partly […]