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How False Feelings Of Being ‘Bad’ Are Perpetuated

When a child is continually mistreated, s/he will inevitably conclude that s/he must be innately bad. This is because s/he has a need (at an unconscious level) to preserve the illusion that her/his parents are good; this can only be

Childhood Trauma, The Shame Loop And Defenses Against Shame



The Agonizing Effects Of Shame


Feelings of shame can be excruciatingly painful; at their worst, they can cause us to completely isolate ourselves so that we avoid contact with others to the extent that we may become

Why Complex PTSD Sufferers May Avoid Eye Contact


A study by Steuwe et al. (2014) was conducted to cast light upon why many with individuals suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including those suffering from complex-PTSD, often find it excruciatingly uncomfortable every time the rules of social

Why We Must Stop Blaming Ourselves For Our Mistreatment.


It is an established fact that most children who are mistreated by their parents or primary caregivers believe they are to blame for their abuse. I know I did. Indeed, I concluded I must be a terrible person or

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