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Childhood Trauma, The Shame Loop And Defenses Against Shame

  The Agonizing Effects Of Shame Feelings of shame can be excruciatingly painful; at their worst, they can cause us to completely isolate ourselves so that we avoid contact with others to the extent that we may become virtual recluses,… Read more

Overcoming Feelings Of Shame With Counseling

We have seen from other articles that I have published on this site that those of us who have experienced significant and protracted childhood trauma often experience irrational, deep feelings of shame as adults which can severely disrupt our lives… Read more

Deep Feelings Of Shame Resulting From Emotionally Impoverished Relationships With Parents

cause of shame
According to DeYoung, author of the excellent book : ‘Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame : A Relational / Neurobiological Approach‘, the experience of shame comes about as a result of dysfunctional relationships with other people (in particular, of course, with… Read more

Three Unconscious Psychological Defenses Against Inner Feelings Of Shame

inner shame
According to psychodynamic theory, if, as babies, we are subjected to significant emotional abuse by the primary caregiver (usually the mother) such as constantly being subjected to her extreme anger, rage and hostility, we are at risk of developing a… Read more

Shame Caused By Childhood Trauma And How We Try To Repress It.

Effects Of Repressed Shame : We have seen in other articles published on this site that if we have experienced significant childhood trauma we may, as adults, develop profound feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, self-hatred, rock-bottom self-esteem, feelings of being ‘innately… Read more

Overcoming An Inferiority Complex Caused By Childhood Trauma

There are many ways that during our childhood our risk of developing an inferiority complex as adults can be increased. For example, certain types of parenting can increase this risk, such as over- controlling, over- critical, over-protective, over- demanding and/or… Read more

Childhood Trauma Leading to Self-Hatred and Intense Self-Criticism

RESOURCES : STOP SELF-HATRED : SELF-HYPNOSIS DOWNLOAD TAME YOUR INNER CRITIC : SELF-HYPNOSIS DOWNLOAD   Origins Of Self-Hatred : Following a childhood in which we had the experience of neglect, abuse, abandonment or a combination of  these, it very frequently… Read more

Childhood Trauma: How The Child’s View Of Their Own ‘Badness’ Is Perpetuated.

Do You Ever Ask Yourself The Question : Am I A Bad Person? When a child is continually mistreated, s/he will inevitably conclude that s/he must be innately bad. This is because s/he has a need (at an unconscious level)… Read more