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Many individuals who suffer significant childhood trauma find that they have extreme difficulties forming and maintaining positive relationships with others in adulthood (including being drawn into further abusive relationships). These concise articles explore reasons why early life trauma may have such devastating effects as well as explaining what these effects may be.

Emotional Detachment Disorder And Childhood Trauma

Extreme emotional detachment can operate as an unconscious defense mechanism to help us cope with traumatic experiences including, of course, childhood trauma (such as emotional, sexual and physical abuse). If it is necessary for us to employ this coping mechanism… Read more

Adverse Effects Of Childhood Trauma On Oxytocin And Our Ability To Love

Childhood Trauma, Oxytocin And Our Ability To Love : We have already seen from articles previously published on this site that there is a link between childhood trauma and the subsequent experience of depression in later life (e.g. click here).… Read more

What Is Reactive Attachment Disorder?

reactive attachment disorder
REACTIVE ATTACHMENT DISORDER :   REACTIVE ATTACHMENT DISORDER may occur when a child is severely neglected where the neglect involves being deprived of close, consistent, stable care and nurturing from those who would normally provide it (i.e. a parent or… Read more

Abandonment Issues

If we were rejected as a child by parents/primary caregivers we are at high risk of growing up into adults with serious abandonment issues. This means we will be hypersensitive to rejection by others, deeply afraid of such rejection and… Read more

Unrequited Love : Its Link To Childhood Trauma

Do you find you have a tendency to fall in love with those who are very unlikely to reciprocate your love? Or those who are highly likely, sooner or later, to reject you? Or those with whom a relationship would… Read more

Childhood Emotional Neglect And Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD)

  The Link Between Childhood Emotional Neglect And Avoidant Personality Disorder : It is thought that about 2-3% of individuals within the U.S. suffer from avoidant personality disorder (AvPD).This disorder can often be linked to childhood emotional neglect. Those who… Read more

PTSD Symptoms : Effect on the PTSD Sufferer’s Intimate Relationships

I have written elsewhere on this site of the connection between the experience of childhood trauma and the later development of complex post traumatic stress syndrome (e.g. click here). In this article, however, I want to examine how a person’s… Read more

Childhood Trauma Leading to The Inability to Trust

Do You Have An Inability To Trust? One of the most harmful legacies of childhood trauma is the survivor’s incapacity to develop trust in others. When we were children, in the face of abuse, we felt powerless. This may have… Read more

Childhood Trauma : Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD). Part 1.

  If our experiences of relationships in childhood are largely negative and painful, in extreme cases, we may develop social phobia as adults, or, in even more severe cases, avoidant personality disorder (AvPD). What is AvPD? APD is similar to… Read more

Types of Relationship Problems The Individual May Experience As A Result Of Childhood Trauma.

Childhood Trauma And Adult Relationships : Early relationships between the parent and child have an enormous impact upon how the child manages relationships throughout later life. If the child experiences significant difficulties with relating to his/her parents, it often leads… Read more

Overcoming Relationship Difficulties Caused by Childhood Trauma

We have already seen that as survivors of childhood trauma we often find it very difficult to trust others. We may avoid close relationships in order to avoid the possibility of being hurt. Whilst this can allow us to feel… Read more