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Right Brain Therapy : Benefits For Trauma Survivors

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3 Stages Of Complex PTSD Treatment: Stabilisation, Therapy And Reintegration.



Complex PTSD treatmentWhat is the best complex PTSD treatment?

The NHS (UK) recommend that those suffering from complex PTSD undergo three stages of treatment. These are as follows :




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Somatic Experiencing Therapy : Healing The Dysfunctional Nervous System

Dr Peter Levine’s somatic experiencing therapy is predicated upon the idea that the disturbing symptoms of PTSD are substantially caused by the adverse effect our traumatic experiences have had on the way our body and nervous system works.

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Why Some Individuals ‘Bounce Back’ And Thrive After Trauma


bounce back

I have already published many articles on this site showing how significant and protracted trauma during childhood can lead to the development of a complex form of post-traumatic stress disorder in later life. But some ‘bounce back’ and even Read the rest

Recovery From Complex PTSD


According to Peter Levine, an expert on the adverse effects of childhood trauma on our adult lives and the complex post-traumatic stress disorder that can result, typically there develops various signs in victims that may indicate the recovery process is Read the rest

Mental Illness, Nature And Nurture And Treatment Implications





Above: Environmental factors which increase the risk of developing mental illness. Childhood adverse experiences, especially when repetitive and chronic, are frequently particularly damaging.

We have seen that those of us who suffered significant childhood trauma are Read the rest

Nine Key Recovery Targets For BPD Sufferers

We have already seen from other articles published on this site that those of us who suffered severe childhood trauma are at a much-increased risk of developing borderline personality disorder (BPD) as adults than average.

We have also examined the Read the rest

Learning To Trust Again After Childhood Betrayal By Parents


If we suffered parental abuse during our childhood, this clearly equates to a serious betrayal. Being betrayed by one’s parents is particularly devastating as parents are the very people who are responsible for our psychological welfare and are supposed Read the rest

The Vital Importance Of Having Our Traumatic Experiences Validated.

Research has established, beyond doubt, that, all else being equal, the greater our experience of childhood trauma, the worse both our physical and mental health are likely to be during our adulthood, and the more likely we are to die Read the rest

Constantly Feeling ‘Empty’? Effects And Solutions.



‘I have of late – but wherefore I know not -lost my mirth, foregone all custom of exercise; and indeed it goes so heavily with my disposition, that this goodly frame the earth seems to me a stale Read the rest

Chronic Resentment (And How To Channel Anger Positively).

Violence in movies and on the small screen is, in case you hadn’t noticed, ubiquitous. Indeed, violent films can gross several hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. Why are such films so popular? One theory is that Read the rest

Twelve Signs We Are Recovering From The Effects Of Childhood Trauma

These 12 signs that we are recovering from our traumatic experiences are as follows:

1) More able to live in the present:

We finally come to the full realisation that the past is truly over and that the trauma we Read the rest

Escaping The Pain of The Past : A Five Stage Grieving Model

If we had a troubled childhood, it is not unusual to find we become preoccupied with certain elements of it, or even obsessed. In this way, we can let it define who we are now in a way which is Read the rest

Change Your ‘False Self’ To ‘True Self’ With Inner Child Healing

The psychologist and writer, Whitfield, defines our ‘INNER CHILD’ as: ‘the ultimately alive, energetic, receptive, creative and fulfilled’ part of our psyche. Other psychologists have also written about this aspect of ourselves; for example, the psychotherapist and writer, Alice Miller, Read the rest

What Physical Harm Can Complex PTSD Cause?


Unfortunately, as well as psychological effects, if we have developed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) as a result of our childhood experiences (click here to read my article on the difference between PTSD and CPTSD), the condition Read the rest

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