BPD Sufferers And Difficulties Getting Adequate Professional Help

A recent study carried out by Proctor et al., 2020, has produced further evidence that BPD sufferers frequently find it highly problematic gaining access to effective treatment such as dialectical behaviour therapy, or DBT. (In relation to this problem, you may wish to read my previously published articles: How  Malignant Alienation May Impoverish Care BPD […]

Dangerous And Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD)

In 1999 the U.K. government introduced a new concept in relation to personality disorders (which, as we know, are much more likely to occur in individuals who have suffered extreme and repetitive interpersonal childhood trauma) called DANGEROUS AND SEVERE PERSONALITY DISORDER (DSPD) and a treatment and assessment program was developed with the aim of ameliorating […]

The Difference Between Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy And Psychoanalysis

  It is not uncommon for people to be unclear about the difference between psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. So how do these four terms differ? To answer this question, let’s look at each in turn:  1. A clinical psychologist has expertise in both normal human behaviour and abnormal human behaviour. In connection with the […]

Some Suggestions If No Therapy Has Worked So Far

No one therapy, of course, works for everyone and there is no one-size-fits-all’ solution to mental distress. Furthermore, some people with psychiatric conditions adamantly do not wish to engage with psychiatric services. Others may be unable to interact with psychiatric services in any meaningful or sustained way. This group includes those persistently high on drugs, […]

Unable To Live In The Present? Therapy And Dual Awareness Can Help

    Many people who have suffered severe and protracted childhood trauma and, as a result, go on to develop complex posttraumatic stress disorder or related conditions often feel permanently stuck in the past and unable to live in the present. Indeed, the past may seem more real and substantial than the present – in […]

Study Suggests Writing About Our Traumatic Experiences Can Be Beneficial To Health

            We know that childhood trauma is strongly associated with poor mental and physical health in later life (e.g. see the ACE study) due to the hazardous, longterm effects of prolonged and repetitive toxic stress and the effect that has on the mind, brain and body e.g. due to the […]

Labelling And Understanding Our Emotions May Reduce Inflammation And Improve Health

If, as children, we grew up in an environment in which we were subjected to severe stress over protracted periods of time the way in which our internal physiological systems would normally operate may be seriously compromised. Such long-lasting stress may be caused by various factors such as abuse or neglect. In her book, How […]

Therapy For Dissociative Disorder

    Hunter et al. (Institute of Psychiatry, London) has developed a form of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for the condition that treats it in a similar way to how anxiety disorders would be treated. The therapy developed by Hunter and colleagues is centred upon five main interventions. These interventions are as follows: REDUCING AVOIDANCE […]

Therapy: The Importance Of Rapport Between The Therapist And Client

Many of us who have suffered significant trauma during our childhoods turn to psychotherapy as adults in an attempt to resolve our trauma-related psychological problems. Whilst there are many different kinds of therapy available for this purpose, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) and eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), […]

Vital Importance Of Parental Response To Child’s Traumatic Experience.

Above: It is vital parents validate their children’s feelings in relation to traumatic experiences. (Image licensed by Shuttlestock). When the child experiences trauma, the response of the parent or primary caregiver is, of course, of vital importance to how the child copes with his/her experience, how resilient s/he is in the face of it and […]

Why Childhood Trauma Sufferers Can’t ‘Just Get Over It.’

If we have been unfortunate enough to have suffered severe and protracted childhood trauma and have, as a result, developed emotional and behavioural problems (which, in some cases may have led to diagnoses of borderline personality disorder or complex posttraumatic stress disorder) it is, to put it mildly,’ most unhelpful to be told or expected […]

Useful Links For Recovery From Childhood Trauma

Below is a list of useful links to help recovery from childhood trauma: Behavioral Tech : A Linehan Institute Training Company. Here you can learn about scientifically validated treatments for complex and severe mental illness. NCTSN The National Child Traumatic Stress Network. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) provides children and families who experience […]