Controlling And Sociopathic Parents

  Controlling and sociopathic parents will tend to see their child as an object/possession to be controlled and exploited according to the needs of that parent. Sociopaths share certain characteristics which include self-centeredness, lack of empathy, an excessive need for power and control, deviousness and deceptiveness, a predatory and exploitative nature, lack of conscience/feelings of […]

The Pattern Of The Relationship With The Sociopathic Mother

According to the psychotherapist Christine Louise de Canonville, sociopaths tend to follow a particular pattern in their relationship with others, manipulatively guiding the relationship through three specific phases in a Machiavellian manner. These three stages are as follows: PHASE 1: The Idealization Phase PHASE 2: The Devaluation Phase PHASE 3: The Discarding Phase Let’s briefly […]

Sadistic-Narcissistic Parents And Their Effects

Sadistic-narcissistic parents need to feel superior to others and maintain power and control over them. In order to achieve this end, s/he is willing to inflict pain upon others, most frequently emotional and psychological pain, but sometimes physical pain too. Sadistic-narcissistic parents will frequently be prepared to inflict such pain on his/her own children in […]

Childhood Trauma : Early Signs of Psychopathy

Child Psychopaths First, it is important to state that diagnosing childhood psychological disturbance is fraught with difficulties as, once the child enters adolescence, behavioural problems are very far from uncommon, especially irritability, mood fluctuations, boundary testing/defiance and breaking social rules. However, the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) does list six conditions related to childhood conduct problems. […]

Childhood Trauma: Its Relationship to Psychopathy.

  The term ‘psychopath’ is often used by the tabloid press. In fact, the diagnosis of ‘psychopath’ is no longer given – instead, the term ‘anti-social personality disorder’ is generally used. When the word ‘psychopath’ is employed by the press, it tends to be used for its ‘sensational’ value to refer to a cold-blooded killer who […]

Effects of Childhood Trauma On The Development Of Violent and Anti-Social Behaviour.

    TONY SOPRANO: And to think I’m the cause of it. DR. MALFI: How are you the cause of it? TONY SOPRANO: It’s in his blood, this miserable fucking existence. My rotten fucking putrid genes have infected my kid’s soul. That’s my gift to my son. ***** Studies have shown that male children who […]