Why Labelling The Child As ‘Mentally Ill’ Can Be Unhelpful

  In his critically acclaimed book: ‘Cracked: Why Psychiatry Is Doing More Harm Than Good’, the author, James Davies, argues that psychiatry is a pseudo-science which : over-medicalizes human behaviour, labelling individuals as mentally ‘ill’ when it is not appropriate to do so is far too driven by the avarice and insatiable greed of profit-chasing […]

Childhood Trauma And ADHD : Is PTSD Being Misdiagnosed As ADHD?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article considers the possible link between childhood trauma and ADHD. However, to clear up any possible misinterpretation of this article, it is important to state at the outset that ADHD is undoubtedly a genuine disorder and it is not by any means implied below that all cases involve underlying trauma. In the […]