What Physical Harm Can Complex PTSD Cause?

  Unfortunately, as well as psychological effects, if we have developed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) as a result of our childhood experiences (click here to read my article on the difference between PTSD and CPTSD), the condition can also give rise to adverse physical effects (i.e. bodily/somatic effects). The main reason for this is […]

Adverse Effects on Physical Health of Childhood Trauma

A vast amount of research has been carried out on the potentially devastating psychological impact of childhood trauma upon the individual. Far less, however, has been conducted on such trauma’s effect on physical health (or, as it’s also termed, psychobiological effects). Indeed, it is only in the last decade that studies into physical health effects […]

How Childhood Trauma Can Reduce Life Expectancy By 19 Years.

  Childhood trauma clearly puts the child who experiences it under great stress; the more protracted and intense the traumas, and the more traumas the child suffers, all else being equal, the more stress is inflicted upon the child. A very major recent study (The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) has shown that an especially traumatic […]