Narcissistic Parents’ Use Of The Complimentary Moral Defense

      Having lived with my highly unstable mother until since my parents’ divorce when I was eight, I moved into the house of my father and step-mother (I have explained how this came about elsewhere on this site) when I was thirteen. It was obvious from the start that I was not wanted […]

Two Main Ways Narcissistic Parents May Use Their Children.

We have seen from other articles that I have previously published on this site that narcissistic parents tend to see their children as possessions and as extensions of themselves, as opposed to individuals in their own right (this can lead to the child growing up to develop serious identity problems). They also lack empathy for […]

Is Your Mother Self-Absorbed, Lacking In Empathy And Narcissistic?

I have already published several articles on the effects on us of being brought up by a narcissistic parent. In this article, I intend to focus upon the main characteristics that are frequently found in narcissistic mothers. These characteristics are as follows: 1) Self-absorption: she regards her own needs as absolutely paramount which completely take […]