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What Is Clinical Hypnosis?

What is clinical hypnosis? In the hypnotic state, the individual becomes extremely relaxed and has an increased ability to concentrate and focus which, in turn, can allow him/her to become more receptive to, and respond more positively to, therapy. Hypnosis, … Read more

Hypnosis : Why Some Throw Baby Out With Bath Water

Unfortunately, in the past, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have received a bad press. Why is this? There are, perhaps, three main reasons : – Stage hypnotists who claim they are using ‘hypnosis’ to induce volunteers from the audience to do absurd,… Read more

Hypnosis For Headaches

Hypnosis Treatment For Headaches : Research suggests that if we suffered from significant and protracted childhood trauma we will, as adults, have an increased susceptibility to suffering from headaches and migraines during our adult years. Examples Of Research Studies Showing… Read more

How Deeply Do You Need To Be Hypnotized For Therapeutic Benefits?

Many people assume that the more deeply a person is hypnotized, the more likely it is that s/he will derive therapeutic benefit from the hypnotherapy session. However, this is not the case. In fact, for most (but not all) problems… Read more

Hypnosis For Simple Phobias

Research shows that those who suffered significant trauma as children are at elevated risk of developing anxiety conditions as adults; simple phobias are one (amongst many) expression of such anxiety. A simple phobia is an irrational fear of a single… Read more

Can Hypnosis Help With Mental Illness?

  I have written in other articles on this site about how helpful I have found self-hypnosis in my own (I hope) continuing recovery (although I have, of course,undertaken many other forms of therapy as well, some of which can… Read more

Fear of Death Stemming from Childhood Trauma

The fear of death is common, but can be particularly acute if one has experienced certain kinds of childhood trauma. The acute fear of death (which can be obsessional and greatly impair day-to-day functioning) is also known by two other… Read more

Infographics : What Mindfulness Is and Its Benefits

The first two infographics AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE help to explain what is meant by mindfulness, whilst the third lists some of its benefits. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MINDFULNESS CLICK HERE TO READ ONE OF  MY MANY  ARTICLES… Read more

Findings of Research into Mindfulness Meditation.

There are now, quite literally, thousands of published research studies that support the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation. It has been shown not only to help relieve symptoms of mental illness, but also to greatly benefit those suffering from physical conditions… Read more

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Stress Related Disorders.

Stress can be defined as the perception that the psychological demands being made upon us exceed our ability to cope with them. It has been well documented that the experience of stress (especially chronic stress) is linked to both physical… Read more

How Hypnosis Alters Brain Activity – Top University Study.

Expert psychiatrists in the U.S. have shown that the effects of hypnosis can be measured scientifically (ie empirically measured). A researcher from Stanford University in the United States, David Spiegel, took neuro-images (pictures of brain activity produced from brain scans)… Read more

Is Hypnosis Real?

Is Hypnosis Real?In  the past, scientific studies on the effectiveness of hypnosis had to rely upon the verbal reports of those who had undergone hypnosis – in other words, the researchers relied upon the subjective account the person who had… Read more

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis for Emotional Health.

  Self-hypnosis may be achieved by creating one’s own hypnotherapy recordings (eg on CDs or as MP3s)-  which I shall be explaining how to do well in later posts – or by using hypnotherapy CDs and MP3s which have already… Read more

Trauma Leading to Dysfunctional Eating Behaviour – Hypnosis for Weight Loss.

People who have suffered childhood trauma, and, as a result, have gone on to develop mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder (BPD) have, statistically, worse PHYSICAL health , on average, than those who are mentally well.… Read more

Mindfulness Meditation: An Escape Route Away from Obsessive, Negative Ruminations.

  Mindfulness : MINDFULNESS is a very effective and evidence-based therapy for the treatment of anxiety, depression and other conditions related to childhood trauma. Mindfulness helps individuals to develop the skill to DELIBERATELY FOCUS ATTENTION AND AWARNESS on THE PRESENT… Read more